The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

My name is Frere Papillion, but you can call me Papillion for short. I was sorted into Gossmere!

I am a father of three and live in northern New Jersey, US. I love reading, music and the outdoors. I feel that Gossmere is the perfect guild for me. I practiced reiki for some time and have an interest in magical/spiritual healing.

I am just starting on reading and look forward to learning all about this new world.


@FrerePapillion I’m sorry no one has welcomed you yet! It would seem you popped up when none of us @Wagoneers were paying attention.

Your guild leaders are @OracleSage and @Augustus_Octavian! If you have any questions feel free to shoot them, us Wagoneers a message or you can pop a post over in the Q&A topic! There is also a Gossmere guild hall if you want to intoduce yourself to your guild mates, which I am one!

If you like reading and the like I am sure you’ll like the #the-creationary and #bookish areas! The creationary has all sorts of artistic things and writings from your fellow forum goers! Bookish has pretty much all things book like!

Once again I am so, so sorry that no one has welcomed you up until this point! Not to make any excuses but us Wagoneers are only four in number and our time zones vary greatly! Other than that i’d like to say that reading the first post in this thread as well as the forum primer will help you get situated! If you have any questions afterword feel free to shoot me a message!


Hello! My name is Jordan and I was put into Eberguard, which really makes sense based on my personality. I found the quiz on Instagram and was immediately drawn in by the mystery and lore. I use they/them pronouns and really like role playing games like DnD and other tabletops. I’ve read the rules and the primer and am working my way through Flora and Fauna. I’m really excited to start this adventure!


@GalacticCandy Welcome to the Ackerly Green Forum!

Your guild leaders for Ebenguard are @Ashburn and @Ginger! Feel free to introduce yourself to your guild-mates over at the Ebenguard Guild Hall! There is also a Q&A topic if you have any questions!

Luckily enough we have a DND topic! We also have a Gaming topic if that interests you at all. We have #the-creationary which as art and writing works by others on the forum! The #bookish has several threads just about books!

If you have any other interests put a post in the above linked Q&A topic or shoot me/one of your leaders a message and we’ll point you in the right direction! Once again I’d like to officially say, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time around here!


Hello, just finished the first of the Monarch Chronicles, and eager to start the next! This is my first actual online forum, and really love all that I’ve seen and experienced so far. I’m an aspiring writer, an artist, and philosopher at heart. I already posted on a creative post. And I’ve taken the exam a few times. I’ve been sorted into Ebenguard (spelling?), I do find myself identifying with practically all the traits. I’m eager to see more, and learn more.


Welcome @Matty!

The guild leaders for Ebenguard (You did get the spelling right!) are @Ashburn and @Ginger! If you want you can stop by the Ebenguard Guild Hall and say hello to your guild mates! We have a Q&A topic for questions!

If you like creative stuff (writing, art, etc.) then i’m sure you’ll like #the-creationary! Over there is a bunch of stuff by your fellow forum people! Make sure to read through the first post in this thread aswell as check out the forum primer!

Other than that if you have any questions feel free to shoot a question at one of your guild leaders, a Wagoneer, or over in the before mentioned Q&A topic! I hope you enjoy your time on the forum!


Hi! I’m Jessamine, or Jessa for short. I found the quiz on Instagram and found it immediately intriguing! I’ve dabbled in mmorpg before and love both reading and writing fiction so it was like someone knew to make that link pop up!

I came out as Ebenguard and having had a read of its description, based on my personality it seems pretty accurate!


Welcome @FrerePapillion, @GalacticCandy, @Matty and @Jessamine!!!

@Jessamine your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Ashburn!! If you have any questions you can PM them or any of the Wagoneers! We also have a Q&A thread you can check out!

Please make sure you read the first post and the forum primer as they’re super important!

When you’ve done that you can introduce yourself to your guild mates! I think you’ll enjoy the topics currently reading and book recommendations!


Haha thank you! I worked at Starbucks for a few years and I’m quite small, so that’s what they called me. It makes a good username too! :smile:


Hi I’m Boyd or Calm as the nickname goes.
I’m new to Flintforge and couldn’t be happier. To see a guild based in work and crafting makes me happy. Artificer’s Whim and Tranfiguraration sound irresistible but Assembling Runes just captures me by my childhood passions. I’m ever collecting tattoos and since I was a kid I saw tattoos as weaving beliefs and magic into my very being to become a complete self.

I can’t wait to read and learn more of this incredible craft and magiq


Welcome @Calm to the Ackerly Green Forum!!

Please start by reading the first post and the Forum Primer!

Okay so now you’ve done that I can introduce you to your guild leaders @Viviane and @Tinker!! If you have any questions you can PM them or any of the Wagoneers!! We also have a handy Q&A thread you can check out!

When your ready you can introduce yourself to your guild mates! We have a thread on the guild affinities you can check out as well!

Also you seem to have joined Thornmouth instead of Flinterforge?


Welcome to the forum @FrerePapillion @GalacticCandy @Matty and @Jessamine, and welcome to Thornmouth @Pocket @lobelia_flor and @Calm!

Glad to see so many new members in all the guilds


Thank you for such a warm welcome Immstoked to join. I’ve put down for both Guilds as do to a reload and fate I did my search through the pages twice. I think Flintforge has the natural affinity for me and must truly be home but consider it a curiosity and urge to see what lies in Thornmouth.


No no it’s cool we always need more thornspys in Flinterforge! Right @Viviane :wink:


@Rimor @Viviane and @BrokenVoid with such warmth and support from Flinterforge and Thornmouth I may just have to work hard to juggle binds to both Guilds and earn my keep. A duty I savour for the quality of company.
A grateful greetings and humble thanks


Hello! I’m Solomon and recently come across this community and have been sorted into the Thornmouth guild.

By day I’m an accountant and by night I’m a bookworm.

I don’t typically post in forums but the Magiqverrse seems to have pulled me into posting anyway. My intent is to begin reading some of the works available here. It all looks fantastic and very interesting.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forum and to Thornmouth @Solomon! I’m the same way as you, I typically just lurk on forums but something about the magiqverse made me want to get in and be part of it.

Once you’ve read through the forum rules we have a currently reading topic where you can discuss any books you’re currently interested in. You can also visit the Thornmouth introduction thread to get to know your new guildmates and get settled into the Thornmouthian Guildhouse.

We’re all super happy to have you in our community!


Welcome @Solomon!!!


@Nimuir!! So good to see another Aussie on here!! I can’t wait to be able to catch up with you!! I’m based in bruises but cause I’m a flight attendant I tend to end up everywhere else. :deirdreexcited: I’m stoked that you’re here! If you need a study buddy hit me up! I’m always somewhere


Not sure how I arrived, but glad I’m here. Looking forward to diving into this. I do love an immersive experience!