The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

Trust me the first book is absolutely amazing!

Don’t feel like you have to jump right in, take your time and hop in whenever! Have a great rest of your day :smile:


Welcome @Zed!!! I’m up in Stockton!


Not far off then @Rimor :wave:


Hi! I’m Bean, aspiring writer and currently an Illustration student.

I also love to play role playing games, and I have several DnD campaigns running, one Numenera and one MotW as well! My life is a little hectic, but these are the things I enjoy, and I hope I can get along with everyone!

I may be on and off and a little nervous at first, since this is the first forum of this sort that I’m joining (and wow, there’s so many people!) but it seems like it’ll be good fun! I’m apparently Gossmere… I do need to get to reading the books though!


I just found this today through ig and probably won’t be getting around to doing much here until the summer as I’m kind of busy at the moment, but this seems like a very fun experience! I’m very happy to be here! (Also navigating the site will probably take some time to get used to)

The assessment has placed me in Flinterforge and besides that I have only read the rules and forum primer but will eventually get to everything else :laughing:


Hello! @Sabinebean I’m so sorry that no one has welcomed you yet!

@SabineBean The guild leaders for Gossmere are @Augustus_Octavian and @OracleSage! There is also the Gossmere guild hall! I am also a Gossmere :wink:

Bean we have a DND thread that you might enjoy!

@Mellie Your guild leaders for Flinterforge are @Viviane and @Tinker! For Flinterforge there is the Flintershop!

Those threads that I linked are for your respective guild halls so you can introduce yourselves if you so choose! On a broader area we have the Q&A topic! We also have #the-creationary which has art and writings by your fellow forum goers! We also have the gaming topic if either of you are into that!

Once again I welcome you both to the forum! If either of you have any questions feel free to ask me, a guild leader, your guild halls, or the Q&A topic listed above! I recommend reading the first post in this thread as well as the forum primer! Enjoy your adventures in the Magiqverse!


Ahhh, so many new Flinters! Delightful. :blush:


Hi all! Call me Rowan! I used to be an avid book reader and sadly life has gotten me quite distracted these last few years. I was very excited to stumble across a Facebook ad for Ackerly Green Publishing which caught my eye and has already got me reading again!

I was sorted into Ebenguard, which seemed fitting as I understand this guild to be about balance and I’m a pretty firm believer in the world needing its natural balance!

Once again, I’m very very excited to learn more about this community!


Welcome @SabineBean, @Mellie and @Rowan!!!

@Rowan your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Ashburn! If you have any questions you can PM them or any of the Wagoneers! We also have a handy Q&A thread you can go to for answers!

Before you get started make sure you read the first post and the Forum Primer as they’re super important!

When you’ve done that you can introduce yourself to your guild mates and dive into some topics such as currently reading or book recommendations!


It’s alright! I knew my nocturnal ways would be a curse rather than a blessing here haha! :blossom: Thanks for the warm welcome @Ignatius @Rimor !


It’s fine we have Wagoneers across the globe to try and make sure we cover as many time zones as possible. It just so happened that you message during one of the gaps :laughing:


Hello! I’m an Australian uni student (my courses currently involve culture and linguistics with a focus on asia) in my first year and I’m so excited to delve into this world! I used to be a big bookworm but during the intensity of college my reading basicaly slowed to nothing until now - the magiq ad I saw must have been a sign haha

In my spare time I like a variety of videogames, attempting to draw, D&D and some podcasts! And other things of course :slight_smile: other fun facts: I’m currently learning Japanese, and I’ve dabbled in Korean/Spanish but have left them on hold for the moment… and I have a pet dog!!

I was sorted into Thornmouth and I felt the description was very fitting :o


Haha, I’m tricky like that! Don’t worry, it’s all good. I love the dedication though! Now you’ll have another person up at a silly time to meet other fools up at that time @Rimor ! :blossom:


Welcome @Nimuir to the AG Forum!!!

Your guild leader is the amazing @Sellalellen! If you have any questions she’ll be more then happy to help as will any do the Wagoneers!! We also have a Q&A thread you can seek answers in!

Make sure you read the first post and the forum primer as they’re really important!

Once you’ve done that you can introduce yourself to your guild mates! We thread you might enjoy are Werk, Pets, currently reading, Languages, D&D and podcasts!!

@Skylad is gonna be so happy we have another Aussie!!!


Hello there!
I’m an illustration student who mostly draws my own D&D characters who also practices witchcraft. I’v never really used a forum before so i’m a little nervous but I’ll do my best contribute!

My friend @SabineBean introduced me to the Magiqverse. So I promptly took the quiz and got sorted into Thornmouth. I now working my way through reading the story so I can join in as best as possible!


Welcome @Blue_eyed_human!!! (That’s totally not a suspicious name :wink:)

My name is James Rimor and it’s my pleasure to show you the ropes today!

First off please read the first post linked below and the Forum Primer!!

Now you’ve done that I can introduce you to your guild leader the amazing @Sellalellen!! If you have an issues or questions you can contact her or visit the Guild Hall. The Wagoneers are also happy to answer any questions and you can also ask questions in the Q&A thread!

When you’re ready you can introduce yourself to your guild mates and then dive into some topics such as D&D and Sketch!

Once again welcome to the Forum and I hope you enjoy yourself!


Oh gosh! I will be sure to read through all of those! Thank you for your help @Rimor


Welcome @Zed @SabineBean @Mellieand @Rowan to the forum, and welcome @nimuir and @Blue_eyed_human to Thornmouth!

Always happy to see new faces and I’m here to help if you need anything!


Hello friends!

My name is Joshua - I hope you’re all well and I look forward to discovering what this lovely little community is like! I’ve learned that I’m a Thornmouth, which seems to fit my many other designations on quizzes of that design, and as such am quickly working through the lore to get up to speed!

Gonna chase down some badges and do some reading, but I look forward to getting to know you all! :blush:


Okay I have 1% battery power so let’s see if I can get this done! :laughing: