The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

When I say this I think I speak for all of us Wagoneers, it was our pleasure!


Absolutely! We’re always happy to see new faces (metaphorically)!


I just started reading flora and fauna and Im really enjoying it. I’m working on making my way through the forum posts. I hope to have a wonderful time with everyone :slight_smile:


Hi there!
My name is Fig, and I was sorted into Balimora.
I have always loved magic and have gravitated towards stories and games that involve some kind of mystical forces.

I am studying to be a teacher in the US and I’m always looking for new, innovative ways to inspire kids to get interested in reading and writing. This forum seems like a really cool place where I could get some ideas, along with having an outlet for my own magical side.

Really excited to read The Monarch Papers and learn more about this unique community!


Hello @Fig and @Yutsubara!

@Yutsubara sorry no one has welcomed you yet! I think its bedtime around here! (I should be asleep too) Your guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger! Feel free to say hello in the Ebenguard chat!

@Fig your guild leaders are @Nimueh and @Helios! Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Balimora here!

If either of you have any questions feel free to ask your guild leaders, us Wagoneers, or the Q&A topic!

Both of you might like #the-creationary as that has art and stories written by your fellow forum goers (I think thats a word?) There are also some other topics you guys might enjoy like the werk topic that talks about what people on the forum do IRL!

Once again so sorry Yutubara that no one got to you yet! I hope both of you have an amazing time here on the forum! If you guys have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!


Hello, very new here (and would like to note that the Welcome Topic linked in the Forum Primer should probably be updated to point to this thread instead), but am old hat at roleplaying and forums (I was on EZBoard back in the day on a dial-up modem uphill both ways in the snow, ya whippersnappers!).

Am very intrigued and interested by this collaborative writing project, and already enjoying it much more than my fleeting interaction with Unknown 9. I’ve been categorized into Thornmouth and am looking forward to getting to know my fellow guildmembers.

(I will note that IRL I have executive function issues and may sometimes flake on replies despite my best attempts. If I’m slow to answer anyone it’s me, not you!)


Hello @Tornus! Yeah the Forum Primer needs a slight revision at some point, hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience!

The Thornmouth guild leader is @Sellalellen! So if you have any questions shoot her, us Wagoneers, or take a visit over to the Thornmouth Guild Hall!

If you like writing you might like the #the-creationary! As for roleplaying we have a DND topic and a Gaming topic!

I really hope you enjoy your time here and don’t feel bad about not responding! We all just hang out when we can so it’s nothing major if you don’t respond right away! As I said earlier if you have any questions my virtual door is always open!


Hello! I’m Quilla! I’m new to RPG and this type of things, and forums, so please bear with me!

In the everyday world, I work at a group home taking care of special needs adults. I read all the time, I take care of my mother and family, run a journaling blog, practice calligraphy and hoard all types of stationery.
I’m from a small town in North Carolina famous for Mayberry.
My guild is Ebenguard!


Perfect! Thanks very much for the welcome, @Ignatius. :slight_smile: I haven’t finished The Monarch Papers or the Beginner’s Spellbook yet, so I’ll make that my next priority. I’m sure that will help with the IW orientation


@Quilla Hello! Take your time, don’t feel weird about being new!

Your guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger! If any questions pop up feel free to shoot them, us Wagoneers, or hop over to the Ebenguard Guild Hall! There is also the Q&A chat!

I would love to hear more about your work over in the werk topic if you ever have time! Also i’m from Georgia so we aren’t awfully far away! If you like writing and art (just assuming as you’re here.) you might like the #the-creationary and #bookish!

I really hope you enjoy your time around here! Like I always say, my virtual door is always open so feel free to hit me up with questions or if you just want to talk but not feeling talking in a topic yet!


It was my pleasure to welcome you! Although I think it is way past my bed time…

Yes! The first Monarch Papers is amazing! Have an awesome night!


@Ignatius Shoo, get your rest, us pacific coasters can manage ourselves for a few hours. :wink: Sleep well!


Thanks for mentioning the error in the forum primer. We’ll fix it right away.


No worries! I’ve modded forums before, it can be tricky to keep track of all the minutiae. Appreciate the effort you folks are putting in. :+1:


Hi guys. Im a bit nervous actually. Im purplehydra. I was just scrolling through facebook and came across this weird ad and clicked it. It took me to a quiz and here I am! :grin::grin:


@Purplehydra Welcome! I’m sorta new as well but you know what they say; Birds of the feather flock together! I got the same ad on Instagram and here I am 4 days later. I’m Adrienne but you can call me WyrdOne :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never been on a forum before. It seems good. And i’ve started reading the book aswell. Hopefully this will get me fully back into reading. :blush:


Hey @Quilla! Welcome to the forums! I just wanted to say I’m super excited to have another stationery mountie on board. We have several folks very into it and a pretty lively monthly pen pal sorting as well. I would love to hear more about your blog! :cjsmile:


Welcome @Fig, @Yutsubara, @Tornus, @Quilla, @Purplehydra and @WyrdOne!

@Purplehydra your guild leader is @Sellalellen! If you have any questions you can ask her or any of the Wagonners! There’s also a Q&A thread linked in the forum primer!

Please make sure you read the first post and the forum primer as both are super important!

When your ready you can introduce yourself to your guild mates in the Thornmouth welcome topic

@WyrdOne Birds of a feather flock together until the cat comes :wink:


Welcome @Yutsubara @Fig and @Quilla to the forum, and welcome @Tornus and @Purplehydra to Thornmouth!