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This may sound stupid but how do we do that?


There is another topic designated for talking about random things: General Discussion

All good @Cj_Heighton I didn’t mean to steal your thunder lol


ah, hullo iggy.

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Hi everyone! CercaTrova here and I just downloaded Flora and Fauna and am about to start reading it. I am in the Thornmouth guild and am looking forward to interacting in this world!


Hi new here, I’m trevon.


Welcome @CercaTrova and @Trevon!

Cerca your guild leader is the wonderful @Sellalellen! Trevon have you taken the test yet? If so just reply to this or send me a private message and we’ll get you set up! For both of you I recommend reading over the first post in this topic or checking out the primer!

What are some interests that you guys have? We have several different sections of the forum for all types of stuff! For example the #the-creationary for writings, art, and other creative things. We have a gaming topic and a dnd topic!

I really hope you guys enjoy hanging out around here and remember my metaphorical door is always open!


Hi! I’m Ashley and I’m in the Thornmouth guild. I just started the Monarch Papers and I can’t wait to find out more about this world!


Hello and welcome @Skye!

The Thornmouth guild leader is @Sellalellen! So if a question pops up feel free to ask her or us Wagoneers! Im always happy to help! The first post in this topic should also help!

Depending on what you like you might find the #the-creationary, which is art and writings from people on the forum, or if you like gaming we have the “The Gaming Mounties” chat! (for some reason it wouldn’t let me hyper link it)

No matter what make sure you do what makes you comfortable, as in if you don’t feel like just hopping into posting then don’t worry about it! I really do hope you have an amazing time here on the forum!


Hello! My name is Gold. :sparkling_heart: I just joined so I haven’t caught up on everything yet but am looking forward to learning more. I was sorted into Ebenguard. My hobbies are writing, psychology, collecting, and media analysis. Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


Salutations friends
My username as you can probably see is axle-thornbush and I guess this is where we introduce ourselves so some things about me well right off the bat my spell and grammar are horrible so please be patient with me when it comes to that I also love drawing, reading, being in nature,I’m a practicing Wiccan, I’m weird loud and love to talk so be warned and now for my guild I’m a Thornmouth
Can’t wait to dive head first into this rabbit hole


I’m Orihah. I also found this through an Instagram add and I was very intrigued. I love RPGs and I’m really looking forward into diving into this! I’m a Gossmere! Which I’m super stoked about cause the description fits me so well!
My favorite thing about writing is world building and so I really love creating characters and the worlds they live in! My other hobbies include literally anything outdoors! Haha


Welcome @CercaTrova, @Trevon, @Skye, @Gold, @Axle-thornbush and @Orihah_Frandsen!!!

@Gold your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Deyavi

@Axle-thornbush your guild leader is @Sellalellen

@Orihah_Frandsen your guild leaders are @OracleSage and @Augustus_Octavian!

If you have any questions you can PN your respective leaders or any of the Wagoneers! There’s also a Q&A thread with lots of frequently ask questions and you can ask questions there as well.

First make sure you read the first post and the forum primer as both are super important!

When you’re read you can say hi to you fellow guild mates in the Gossmere, Thornmouth and Ebenguard welcome threads!

There are also several categories like #bookish and #the-creationary which contains loads of thread on books, writing and drawing! There’s also the werk thread where you can talk about your job and other stuff!


Hey ya’ll. I’m new around here, wassup. I’m Lilly, I’m 13 and I’m in 8th grade. I discovered this on an Instagram ad and immediately fell in love with it and all its magic and mystery. I’ve always been fascinated by magic and spiritual things and mystery, and this is so interesting! I’m glad I clicked on that add. Anyways, here’s a little about me;
-I’m obsessed with unicorns and all things rainbow, I have been since like 5th grade.
-I do karate, I’m going to be testing for my black belt this December.
-I love music, it’s my passion. It’s what I want to do most with my life. I think I’ll be a composer when I grow up.
-I’ve always been searching for some adventure all my life. I recently took a trip to Europe and discovered my passion for adventure ran deeper than I imagine. Whenever I get a chance to do something I’ll always remember, I know I have to do it.
-I’ve also always had a thing for fairy tales. I think fairy tales and my love for adventure go hand in hand.
-I’m a huge nerd and bookworm. I am always trying to figure out how one thing connects to another, and I’m always reading in my free time. I’m a huge fantasy fan.
-Lastly, I’m in Balimora. So hello to my new guild!!!
Thank all of you for reading, I can’t wait to dive deeper into this.


Hello @Wildwolf! Welcome to the forum!

The Balimora guild leaders are @Helios and @Nimueh! If any questions pop up please don’t hesitate to shoot them, hop over to the Balimora welcoming area or us Wagoneers a message! My virtual/metaphorical door is always open!

If you like fairy tails and books then I think you’ll love the #the-creationary! The creationary is where people write poems, draw art, write stories (I have a huge writing project showing up there in a bit :wink:) We also have the currently reading section! There is also the favorite fantasy books section!

I really hope you enjoy your time on the forum and I have a feeling we might run into each other at some point!




Hello! @Artemisdancing!

The Ebenguard leaders are @Ginger and @Deyavi! So if you have any questions ask them or us Wagoneers! You can also go to the Ebenguard guild hall!

Seeing as you didn’t put much into your message (which is fine!) I’m going to have to ask, what are some interests of yours? I’m sure we have a channel for at least one of them but I would just like to shoot you in the right direction!

I hope you enjoy your time around here! Hopefully you get settled rather quickly!


Welcome @Wildwolf and @Artemisdancing!!


I somehow missed this welcome message. I think its because I was still deciding on my path. Anyway, I think interests can be gleaned from my replies to various other posts.
And I was going to say that the only thing that’s missing is where I ‘hail from’ but I just revealed that in another post :laughing:. But to be more direct and make it easier, I’m from Florida.


Ahahah it’s quite alright