The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


My name is Sylkaegus but you can call me Ezra. It’s not my real name but I like it.

I found this website through Instagram and I actually liked it. I took the alignment test and everything and I’m really looking forward to the story that we all share. I have only been here for less than a day but I can already say that I’m proud to be a Thornmouth.

I consider myself a novice tactician but I am still proud of it. I will usually sketch or make stories in my freetime but I’ll always be looking into something new. Today, that something is the Magiqverse. I like a laid-back life a lot of the time but occasionally I’ll take on something exciting. I’ve recently been getting into more things. Things that I previously would have considering nerdy or geeky. Like D&D. On the other hand, I never considered geeks or nerds to be bad.

I’m going to get back to starting the Magiqverse stories. Thank you for letting me into this safe haven of dreams that become reality.


Hi there!
My name is Lucia and i’m really excited to learn more about the Magiqverse and get to know all the people in it.

I’m not really good with introductions but, I can tell you a bit about myself.

I like to draw and sing and a lot of people say i’m really talented with both, though that’s hard for me to believe. I can be a bit moody at times and I kind of have some anger issues to be honest.

My favorite color is purple, I like all animals and bugs, and I like weapons and magic too. I’m kind of on the verge of failing in school because i’m not very confident, especially during presentations.

I was granted the honorable privilege of being an Ebenguard and i’m going to stop talking now because I know this is way too long for an introduction.

Anyways, thank you for listening.


@Lucia Welcome to Ebenguard :ebenguard:! I feel like this is the place where you can be yourself! Our guild leader, @Ginger, has already posted another introductory post where you can also share more about you! @Ginger and I also talked about how participating in improv club boosted our confidence, and perhaps that can help you be more confident too!


Hello everyone,

My name is Gefn. Found this place through IG and got sorted into Ebenguard. I’m not sure why this concept has intrigued me so much but I had to give it a try. We’ll see how it goes I guess~ I shall start on the reading as soon as it isn’t past reasonable staying awake hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Oh I noticed people actually seem to say things about themselves here… I should do that too probably, right? Well… I love to dance and I help teach others to dance as well~ This interest takes up a big part of my life. Otherwise I’m just a silly person stumbling along through life who often tries to cook a variety of salmon recipes and dislikes each one… Although all my family is rather fond of them for some reason???


Hello @Gefn/fellow Ebbie! Your guild leader @Ginger also teaches dance, so you’ll probably feel right at home with us. Don’t forget to read the forum primer if you haven’t already, and aside from that the best way to catch up is to start reading the books. :smiley: Good to have you here.


Welcome to all my new Ebbies!! :blue_heart::blue_heart:
I’m excited to get to know you all a little better!

Welcome @chalcedony! You’re guild leaders for Balimora are @Helios and @Nimueh and the ever elusive @Steve!

Nice to meet you @Sylkaegus your guild leader for Thornmouth is @Sellalellen!

Your guild leaders are there to help you out so feel free to reach out to them at any point, or our wonderful @Wagoneers who you’ll see in this thread a whole bunch!

The top of this thread has lots of helpful info so make sure you check that out along with things like our Forum Primer and Question section!

If you want to come chat then we have a general discussion thread here, but there’s also other fun threads like this one where you can show off your furry friends!

Welcome to you all!


Welcome @MidnightBat, @Xellernord, @Kare, @chalcedony, @Sylkaegus, @Lucia and @Gefn!!

@Kare, @Gefn and @Lucia your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Dey!

@Sylkaegus you guild leader is @Sellalellen!

@chalcedony your guild leaders are @Nimueh and @Helios

Okay I believe that’s everyone :laughing:


My name’s Peeke
Just found out about all this today. Was placed into the thornmouth guild. Which seems to be a really good fit for me. Really can’t wait to get into this


Welcome @Kare, @chalcedony, @Lucia, and @Gefn to the forum. Welcome @Sylkaegus and @Peeke to Thornmouth. Our guild leader is @Sellalellen if you need anything or you can ask the @Mountaineers. Be sure to read the first post here carefully for the rules then you are welcome to join in any general discussion topics. After a few hours on the forum you should be able to interact with your guild thread where you can get to know your new guildmates.


Welcome @Peeke!


Hey everyone I’m new here!
I have just been sorted into the Ebenguard guild. My name is Beth but I often use the account name Emerald Daydream because I think it’s super cute! I also love green and I am always daydreaming.

I am currently a Psychology student at the moment and am working towards doing Forensic Psychology as a career or working in a secure unit.

I am very interested in true crime. I watch a lot of documentaries and love the My Favourite Murder Podcast. I also play D&D in my spare time and I really enjoy it!

At the moment I still have one exam left so I haven’t had time to catch up on the narrative. After next Monday I am free and am very excited to be a part of this world!


Welcome @Emerald_daydreamxo to the Ackerly Green!!

Your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Deyavi! So if you have any questions you can PM them or the Wagoneers like myself! There’s so a Q&A thread linked above!

First off though make sure you read through the first post and the Forum Primer as they’re super important!

When you’re ready you can introduce yourself to you guild mates over in the Ebenguard welcome thread! You can also tell us more about forensic psychology, which sounds super cool, over in the werk thread!


@Rimor Thank you so much for all the information!


Hi! My name is Reb. When I saw this on Facebook I was instantly intrigued. I was sorted into Ebenguard guild.


Welcome @RebelAlaska to the Ackerly Green!!

Your guild leaders are @Ginger and @Deyavi! So if you have any questions you can PM them or any of the Wagoneers! There’s so a Q&A thread linked above where you can ask questions and look for answers!

First off though make sure you read through the first post and the Forum Primer as they’re super important!

When you’re ready you can introduce yourself to you guild mates over in the Ebenguard welcome thread!


Hey there!
After a few hours doing a bit of diving and reading through some of the things here on the forum, I think I can assuredly say that I’m excited to get involved. That, or I’ll at least to lurk around and keep up.
I’m Flos, and I stumbled upon the guide while scrolling through Facebook - a sorting quiz seems to be the perfect way to get my attention. It seems I’m in Balimora, which sounds pretty cool to me! Just through reading some of these welcomes I can tell you’re all great people, and I can’t wait to be able to get involved. Though it will take me some time to be all caught up - the sheer amount of things is a bit overwhelming.
Hopefully my experience with D&D will help me out here and I can at least get to know some awesome people! Outside of D&D I’m also quite the literature nerd, and I’m interested in history and psychology, as well as art and writing!


Welcome! @Flos We’re happy to have you!

The Balimora guild leaders are @Helios and @Nimueh! If you have any questions feel free to ask them or us Wagoneers! We are more than happy to help! Us being both the wagoneers and the leaders.

It can be overwhelming, if you don’t want to you don’t have to just hop right into the mix you don’t have to! Do what you find comfortable!

We actually have a DND topic! We also have somethings that you might like over in the #the-creationary seeing as you like literature and art!

Feel free to make yourself at home! If you have any, and I mean any, questions feel free to shoot me a message! If I can’t help you myself I’ll at least point you in the right direction!


Welcome @Flos!!!

Where do you hail from?


I happen to hail from England! Hopefully my timezone won’t be awkward while trying to keep up with what’s going on :sweat_smile:


Whey another Brit!!!