The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

Welcome officially @Rhue_Hyngwar!! You don’t have to start here or even introduce yourself but we usually recommend it as this place can be very confusing! :laughing:

As you’ll probably know @Sellalellen is the thornmouth leader so you can ask her questions as well as any of the Wagoneers! There’s also the Q&A thread you can check out as well!

When you’re ready you can introduce yourself to your fellow guild mates in the thornmouth welcome thread!

EDIT: Also I believe that somewhere on here it explains how you can join the thornmouth guild. It gives you a little tag and a guild badge next to your name! If I can find the darn thread I’ll link it! :laughing:


Hi, I’m Adrienne, but you can call me WyrdOne. My guild is Ebenguard and it’s glorious to be here.


Inhale Welcome @WyrdOne to the Ackerly Green Forum!

@Ginger and @Deyavi are your guild leaders so you can PM them if you have any questions! The wagoneers are also happy to answer any questions you may have! There is also a Q&A thread that’s full of frequently asked questions. If the answer you seek isn’t there then you can always ask there!

Make sure you read everything in the first post and the forum primer as both are important!

When you’re feeling up to it you can introduce yourself to your guild mates in the Ebenguard welcome thread! Exhale

So now the formalities are over tell us a bit about yourself!


Well, I’m a 15 year old nerd with nothing but time and snacks on her hands.


Heyo! I’m a 15 year old loner with a bit too much time on his hands and too loose a grasp on reality according to most around me. I’m really quiet so you probably won’t be hearing much from me, sorry about that in advance. Although I’m really interested in the narrative and a firm believer of magic being real.


Hello and welcome @NixOt!

No need to apologize for being quiet! Make sure you read through the forum primer as that will help get you situated! The first post up at the top will help with that as well! If you like the narrative you might like the #the-creationary as that has a lot of creative things including writings by your fellow Mounties or stuff like that!

Unless I just missed it I don’t see what guild you were sorted into, if you haven’t yet taken the test you can take it here!

Welcome to the forum and I do hope to hear more from you!


Welcome @NixOt! It’s always nice to have young blood around! It doesn’t matter if you lurk as a lot of people do, you can just join in when you feel comfortable!

@WyrdOne well you’ve come to the right place as we’re all massive nerds around here!

Where in the world are you from @NixOt and @WyrdOne?


Chicago, Illinois


Welcome @WyrdOne! (I wish I had snacks…) Welcome @Rhue_Hyngwar,@LucianTaurus, and @Bitterblossom!

@MorganaMagica it’s good to see a fellow Gossmere join!

I really hope you guys have fun around here!


Hey there, I’m from Brampton, Ontario


Oh awesome! We don’t have a lot of central Canadians as far as I’m aware! (Though I might be wrong as there are a lot of people here :laughing:)


Nice to meet you @Ignatius!
Lovely to meet a couple of Gossmere friends so early on!
Big thanks to you and @Rimor for the warm welcome :heart:


Oooo I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago @WyrdOne!


Really sorry for not saying my guild I was a little eager to introduce myself after not being able to for a few days (I’ve been kept busy with school and some social stuff) I was sorted into Ebenguard.


I totally get being busy! Also don’t feel bad for being eager! That’s good that your excited! @NixOt

The Ebenguard guild leaders are @Deyavi and @Ginger! So if any questions pop up you can shoot me, any other Wagoneer or your guild leaders a message!

@WyrdOne Chicago is a wonderful city! I went there once a couple summers ago, gotta say seeing Chicago (and more specifically Navy Pier) at night was amazing!


Hey there, and welcome to Gossmere :yellow_heart:


@Runa I don’t spin but I’d love to learn and also dye my yarn with natural ingredients (avocado pits,etc). I mostly do crochet, embroidery and hand sewing. :yarn:


Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon Ackerly Green on Instagram and was intrigued. It reminds me of text-based RPGs I used to play in forums ages ago where everyone had a character and created a story together.

I was sorted into Flinterforge, FYI


Welcome @MorganaMagica, @WyrdOne, @NixOt and @MidnightBat to the forum, and welcome @Rhue_Hyngwar to the forum and to Thornmouth.


@MidnightBat Welcome to the forum!

The Flinterforge leaders are @Tinker and @Viviane! If you have any questions shoot them or us Wagoneers a message! My metaphorical PM door is always open!

If you like RPG’s and stuff like that I think you’d like our gaming topic, or maybe our DND topic! If you haven’t already check out the first post in this topic!

I really hope you enjoy your time on here! Feel free to take your time before you post or to just hop right into the mix!