The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome to the fold, dyllun! Pleasure to meet another bali. We have a few active members basically everywhere, please feel free to contact me, @Helios, @Mr5yy, @Robert or @Nimueh if you have any questions whatsoever regarding our lovely (Definitely not overgrown) guild!


Welcome @dylluann! It’s always good to have another Balimoran around!


What don’t you like about Weatherwatch?!? Huh??? We’re a small but proud guild!!! WEATHERWATCH PRIDE :weatherwatch:


Shhhh Sky you’ll get your turn :deirdrexd:


Welcome @dylluan!!!


Hii guys, I’m new here. I’m still in the progress of reading through the books, but as soon as it mentioned the magiq guide, I had to try and see what I was. Turns out I’m a Balimoran. Looking forward to learn more about the forums and the books :smiley:


Welcome to Basecamp 33!!! You should check out the intro for new Mounties, it has lots of helpful information to get you started and caught up! If you have any questions you can ask the guild leaders, @Helios is your guild’s leaders!


Hi @annabloem, welcome to the forum!


Hey @annabloem ! Welcome to the forums and to the mountaineer family. it’s always great to meet another Balimora! I’m Helios, a recent addition to the leadership team and one of your two Balimora leaders alongside the amazing @Steve. Like Rimor said, if you have any questions, need anything, or just want to have a fun chat, I’m always open. You can ‘join’ the Balimora group on the Forum by clicking the hamburger menu at the top right, selecting ‘Groups’ and then clicking ‘join’.


Hello @annabloem! As a fellow Balimoran I welcome you to the guild!


Welcome! Great to have another Bali join us in our attempt to take over the guilds, mwahahaha. Nah, just kidding (though we do seem to have the numbers to do it). But seriously, good to meet you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:


“The Amazing Steve”…right. :joy: Watch out for antler pranks!
But yes, a hearty welcome to @annabloem from the opposite side of the Guild compass! (Flinterforged, here.) Great to have you.


welcome to the fold, @annabloem! we’re happy to have more potentially active balimorans, especially since we’re in the middle of a couple epilogue puzzles right now. please, feel free to talk to any of us if you have questions.

As for how to get involved with the community, we have multiple different topics all over the place, but some highlights are Mountie Watercolor Club,,, im bringing nixed back), and anything else in and around the campfire! we also have a community mail exchange for christmas thats happening, located here:

Happy browsing!


Thanks for all the welcomes everyone, and the links to get me started!

I’m guessing it’s kind of late to still get involved with the Christmas exchange, though it sounds super fun!


To echo what others have said above, welcome, @annabloem! You’ve got some amazing guild mates and and guild leaders in Balimora, but if you still need help navigating the forums, don’t hesitate to reach out!


wotcher, kids. this is your south-east asian correspondent, amarien nod speaking. thornmouth is the situation and nasi lemak is the meal. on chapter one of flora and fauna and I’m, understandably, hooked. happy new year!


So happy to see you join our ranks, @amarien, welcome!


Welcome to Basecamp 33 @amarien!!! Your Guild leader is @Sellalellen so if you have any questions you can pm her or any of the other leaders. Best place to start for catching up is the wiki and the weekly recaps. Welcome once again!


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Thank you, CJ, Lord of Tinfoil!


But if you’re already reading the book, start there so you don’t get spoiled by the wiki and recaps. Welcome to Wild Speculation land!