The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Thanks @OracleSage. Slowly making sense of it all (a great way to procrastinate on uni assignments). I’ll check out those weekly recaps. Thanks everyone for being so welcoming!


But seriously welcome to the fold Lancelot! I’m Skylad (most people call me Sky for short) I’m one of the Weatherwatch captains along with Remus. If you need any help feel free to reach out to any guild leader! We’ll be more than happy to help you out


I 100% agree with procrastination! :joy:


Welcome Lancelot (love the name, btw)! Nice to see a new Goss come in. I totally feel ya on the assignement thing lol, that time of year…


Welcome to Gossmere!


Welcome to the Mounties, Lancelot!


Oh my word, a new Gossmere? It’s like Mountie Christmas!

Oh, no. I’ve jinxed it, haven’t I? :sweat_smile:

Anyway, a warm welcome to @Lancelot on behalf of the Flinterforged, as well. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions - Oracle and Augustus are both kind, wonderful people, and anyone on the forum is generally happy to help.


Welcome @Lancelot!!! Happy to have you aboard!


Glad you’ve found us @Lancelot!


Hullo lance! Can i call you lance? Haha.

Welcome to the mounties! Im curious, how exactly did you find us? Ads or…?


Hahaha definitely haven’t Jinxed!

Thank you guys! You’re all extremely welcoming!


Haha call me whatever, I’ve had more nicknames than I know what to do with!

So… kinda creepy, overheard someone talking about it on the train to work, so had a cheeky google and it seemed cool from what I read! I promise I’m not that much of a giant creep, but who doesn’t love magic (am I right?).


Hey @Skylad you haven’t been talking about us on any trains recently? :joy: Either that or its the Low 2.0 fanclub talking about us :wink:


Hey Lancelot, welcome to the forums! It’s great to see more Goss around here, too.

Also it’s amazing to hear people are going out and about and casually talking about TMP? I wonder who they were. :open_mouth:


We have hundreds of relatively inactive and active members, so its probably a human being.

I swear i was trying to go somewhere with that but it looped around on me xD


Welcome to Loresville. Here’s, for your assigned reading material, your very own 1,000+ page manuscript.
No, but seriously welcome to the Ackerly Green Book / Oddities and Curiosites Store (its not a lodge anymore :confused: )! That’s not its official title, but we do have some interesting items that pass through here or surface up from the vault. Once again welcome and feel free to stay for as long as you’d like!


I think someone needs to contact Bash. It seems as if Skylad’s message is bugged. The glitched version should read as follows: FLINTERFORGE RULES ALL OTHER GUILDS DROOL throws phone to escape the wrath of oracle


I will get out the get along sweater you guys

On a serious note its weird to not have this place be our lodge, not offically at least.


Yeah, seriously! It kinda feels like we’re all just squatting in the back of some guy’s book store…


Who says I’m not actually doing that right now?