The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Hey now don’t you be trying to nick our guild members :wink::joy:


Im just trying to orient myself right now :sweat_smile: Too many tabs open, and too little time


Hahaha, I think we’ve all been there :joy:


Retrys guide to magiq to make sure Weatherwatch is still there


Welcome to the forums and the guild, Annifrey! I’m in Thornmouth, too, so we can learn together, if you’d like~ ^^ It’s pleasing to know that people (myself included, as I’ve been here all of three days) are still discovering the wonder of magiq. I hope you find good experiences among us~


Welcome to the forums, Amnifrey! Let me know if you need any help getting adjusted, I know there’s a lot of information to take in. But it’s super heartening to see new people finding their way to magiq! :cjheart:


Welcome @annifreystark!


Welcome to Base camp, @annifreystark!


Welcome @annifreystark!




:blush: Aaww thanks guys


@annifreystark sorry I’m late to the party. I’m your guild leader so if you need help navigating the forum or cathing up feel free to ask me. Or anyone else. As you can see, everyone here is real excited to have you and are more than willing to help you get situated.


hey annifrey, welcome to the fold! dunno what the heck happened there, im usually one of the first to welcome a new mountie! xP if you have any questions feel free to ask sel, as shes already mentioned. :3


Hi guys,

I’m Lancelot and I’m a new Gossmere :slight_smile: , I stumbled across this and I’m currently reading through all the lore (gosh there’s an awful lot to catch up on, isn’t there?). Not sure if this mystery is still going or not, but if it is, I’m keen to help out where I can.


Welcome to Basecamp 33! @OracleSage is your Guild leader so if you have any questions he’s your guy! He’s going to be very excited to meet you as we don’t get many Gossmere :joy: Also yes this is still ongoing and will be for a long time!


Welcome @Lancelot!!! Awesome to see a new Gossmere around! If you need help to catch up, there’s Hermanbot and the Magiq wiki, plus other sources. Your guild leader @OracleSage can help you out if you need anything!


Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:! Glad to be a bit of a rarity haha.


Thanks @Mr5yy. I’ll check out those sources. @OracleSage be sure to be hit up with what are probably many a silly question!


Well this is a wonderful good morning surprise,
Welcome, Lanecelot! To both Basecamp and Gossmere! If you need any help navigating the chaos I’m usually around, if not you can ask your other guild leader @Augustus_Octavian . just trying to catch up? I would start with Endri and Deys weekly recaps. Those play at all that happened in the last crazy year step by step!
If you need anything specific don’t hesitate to reach out :smile:


WEATHERWATCH RULES ALL OTHER GUILDS DROOL throws phone to escape the wrath of oracle