The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome to the fold, wizard. This strange group welcomes you with open arms.


Welcome @Wizard! Glad to have another Thorn. Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or just want to chat!


Not a new arrival. Instead, an old acquaintance.

It’s been awhile since I left the fold, but I suppose this place has a way of luring you back in. Obviously I’ve missed a lot here, and I’d be thankful if anyone is willing to give me the abridged version. More than anything else, I’d be excited to reunite with my old guild.


Idk… what do you last remember happening? Also, heya :wave:


I left before we faced the Storm. It was shortly after we learned about Neithernor, I believe.


Welcome back Kings!


I’m gonna have to reccomend the weekly recaps to catch up.


The storm and day of change :sleepy: good to see you back man! Hopefully some more old faces return too :grin::grin::grin:


I’m sorry Sky, but I won’t come back just because you’re alluding that you want me to ;p


Welcome back @Kingsington! And even if aren’t coming back @Chordie, still nice to see you.


Nooooooo!!! Husbando!!! Come back to me :sob::sob::sob:


Well, hello!


Welcome to Basecamp 33 @nessargarcia! Do you know which guild you’re part of?


The Mountaineers welcome you with open arms @nessargarcia !


Hey, welcome to the forums! :cjsmile:


Heya Nessargarcia,
Welcome to Basecamp 33. Have you taken the magiq guide ? If not I definitely recommend that as a first step!


Welcome @nessargarcia! Always awesome to see a new face!


Hello, everyone! I’m very new here; I hope to find fun, community collaboration, and the occasional poem! ^^


Welcome @LakeAndRiver ! Have you taken the guide to figure out what guild you’re in and/or decided what guild you want to be in?


@LakeAndRiver We can direct you to some good starting points to catch up on everything that’s happened to the mounties, namely the weekly recaps and fragment videos!

And yes, we do have the occasional poem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Glad to have more poem enthusiasts with us!