The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


(I helped!)


You keep ninja’ing me :deirdrexd:


Welcome @Cywien! It’s always awesome to have a new recruit around! If you need help please ask. We’re all here if anythings needed.


Welcome Cywien, to the mountie family!


Welcome to the cu-LUB. The club. Welcome. It’s always awesome to get new recruits! Glad to have you @Cywien !!


Welcome to the mounties, Cywien!


Hey @Cywien! Welcome to Basecamp 33!


Hey Cywien, welcome to the Ackerly Green forums! Happy to have you aboard. :cjsmile:


I’m super late, but welcome @Cywien! Glad to have another Thorn. :thornmouth:


Hi @Miromeski welcome to Basecamp 33!!!


Welcome @Miromeski!


Welcome to the crew, @Miromeski!


Hey @Miromeski, welcome to the club. We are weird here.


Though I enter here a new man, I know that I am old. I know of the secrets here within and from my mouth comes thorns. I ask you my friends, new and old, I need help. My mind forgets the tales I once knew. If there be anything I must know tell me now. I have done my best to put together the scraps of my mind yet I find myself unable to assemble them all. I look forward to rejoining the fold.



Welcome to the forum!


Hey Wiz, Skylad here one of the Captains of Weatherwatch!
Many shenanigans have occurred in the last 18months! A great place to start would defiantly be the YouTube recaps for the earlier fragments and in the later ones @Deyavi did an amazing job recapping all that happened (should be able to follow her tag back to her page and find all the posts) if you still need a hand don’t be afraid to approach your Guild leaders.
The First Word for Thornmouth is @Sellalellen but any of us leaders will be more than happy to fill in any gaps :grin:


Welcome, Wiz! As Sky said, a lot has happened, so the video fragment recaps and the weekly written recaps are the best place to start. Good luck, and welcome to the Mounties!


Welcome @Wizard!


Welcome to Basecamp 33 @Wizard! Glad to have you in the best Guild :wink:


Heloo! Feel free to ask me if you need help with anything. :endri2: