The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Thank you! Indeed I am


Hey there! My name is Willow and I’ve only discovered MGIQ yesterday through reddit, probably super late to the party haha. I’m also super new to ARG. I’m guessing there’s lots of catching up to do :smile:


Hi, Willow! Happy to have you! I’m Viviane, member of the Flinterforge guild. Speaking of, have you taken the Guide’s assessment to find out your guild? It’s online at, if you haven’t found it yet, and the Weekly Recaps on the Basecamp blog are a good way to get up to speed, as are some of the informational videos on the Basecamp Youtube channel. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me, or one of the leaders.

(Also, just as a general note, we try not to mention ARGs or suchlike on the Forums, except in the Cabinet of Otherworldly Wonders. We’re very big on immersion.)


Welcome @Willow!! If you need any help, please ask! :blush:


@Viviane @Mr5yy Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve taken the Guide’s assessment and I believe I’m a Balimora.

(No worries noted!)


Awesome! Pleased to have another agent of chaos among us. :wink:
If you click on “Groups” in the top right menu, you can join the Balimoran group on the Forum.

Also, here are links to the Youtube channel, and the Basecamp blog, which I mentioned above.


Thank you! Time to read!


Never too late! Welcome to the family Willow!


Hi, @Willow! Welcome to Basecamp! I hope your catching up is going well, and remember: don’t be afraid to ask if you have an questions. Good luck, and welcome again!


Welcome Willow! Feel free to ask any of us questions if you have them. Happy reading, I’m looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


Welcome @Willow!!!


Hey, im a new balimora trying to catch up and not be confused


Welcome @Professor_marvel we’re all here for you if you need any help!


I would recomend that you check out the weekly recaps and the YouTube fragment recaps!




And i subscribed to the youtube channel


Welcome @Professor_marvel!!!


Welcome and awesome start to catching up, @Professor_marvel! I hope that your catch up is going well, and don’t forget that we have guild leaders all around who are more than willing to help you.


Welcome @Professor_marvel!! :balimora:


Hey welcome to the Mountaineers @Professor_marvel !