The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome to Basecamp and welcome to Thornmouth! :thornmouth:


"Best guild ", he says.


Ssshhh Griff. We haven’t had a Thornmouth recruit in a while.


Hello! I actually joined 2 months ago but I’ve been really busy so I had no time to introduce myself! I’m Kristina, or Kris, and I’m a Thornmouth


Welcome Kris!! Good to finally meet ya! Nice to have another Thornie around.


Welcome @Touchstone! If you need any help, just ask!


Thanks you two!


Welcome to the party!


@Touchstone welcome to the family


Glad to have you on board, Kris. We’re always happy to have a new thorny!


Welcome! :grin:
Are you all caught up, need any help?


Hey @Touchstone , welcome!

On a side note - where is your avatar from? It reminds me of a webcomic called the Outer Door.


… …
(Even if I may be two months late)


Thanks! I’m mostly caught up, but I’ll be sure to ask if I have any questions


It is! I loved the series honestly


Yeah, it was really great! I think my favorite of Yufei’s, though their new comic 100 is pretty awesome too. :grin:


I haven’t heard of this series. What is it about?


I’m not the best at explaining, but it’s about a group of friends that go into this creepy house on Halloween and get sucked into played a game. I promise it’s better than it sounds


Well I’ll have to look it up anyhow. One can never have too much reading material.


Welcome, @Touchstone! I hope you’re finding you’re way around fine!