The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Hello all! New Thornmouth. I am still trying to get my bearings, but I am super intrigued.


Welcome, everyone!! :smiley:


Welcome @Ravenwing!!


Heya! Welcome to the forums!


Hey Raven, welcome to the Basecamp! Let us know if you have any questions. :smile:


hey heres yumski, got here by a fateful encounter. was on talking to an aqquantice when i decided i would hop into another stream for a quick second. hung out there for a little bit, acted like i knew some guy just to fool around, asked me if i knew him from basecamp 33 and had no idea what that was so i broke the act and told him i was messing with him. i still asked him what it was so he sent me the link to that story thing, got my role to be a thornmouth and then situated my account. if you’re seeing this victorian, thanks for being a good sport


Welcome to Basecamp, Yumski. I’m sure you’ll be right at home. We watched the recaps together, so you have most of the story up to fragment 8


Welcome Yumski! I’m glad you decided to join us!


Welcome @Yumski!




is someone able to get me up to date about the characters and who they are or should i just read the wiki page? this is what i can recall so far: there was this guy who made a book about magic and it was cool and people liked it, but then nobody really remembered the books after this guy died. it was found again from this worker and he sent it to a library to get scanned and preserved, and people went out to look for the guy who made the books only living relative. i think that guy was some bum in central park new york but he goes missing. other people go and make an online forum (this one) and call themselves mountaineers and go searching for clues to… do something? confused why we’re looking for clues, as well as what the book of briars is and whos aether. where i left off is all i really know about this. dont know any characters or what the keys are so when you’re explaining try to dumb it down for me. also tell me how accurate i am on the beginning story, i want to know where im wrong or what im missing. thanks :slight_smile:


Have you read @Endri 's weekly recaps? I would definitely recommend that you read the wiki as it helped me alot! Also the YouTube fragment recaps are good for getting caught up on fragments


Er, well, you’re about half right? :cold_sweat: You might want to go over some of the information on the Magiq Guide site. I wrote a little beginner’s FAQ a while ago - The Beginner’s Guide to Magiq, that might help you get a sense of where to start learning. But it’s up to you. I’d suggest at least reading Ascender’s first post on the Basecamp, and watching the recap videos. You may also want to at least glaze over the wiki pages on the major folks involved with the Basecamp and the Book of Briars.


A Master of Deception eh? We could use that…
Jokes aside, Welcome to Basecamp! Sorry if we mess up your house or something in the near future. Time is tricky!


I’m the “Man-Baby”


well hey thats your prof pic on rabit


I guess


should i send the page thing to find your class to some people or no?


You can if you want. We’re always happy to have more mounties.


Welcome new mounties :grin:
We are in the middle of chaos right now so I would suggest just read up a bit, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
Love & Luck