The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome to all of our new Mounties!!


Hi! I’m Samii and I just jumped into this last night. Turns out I am Balimora so that’s cool. Spent a few hours (and by a few I mean like 10 hours straight until 5am) trying to catch up on everything. Still trying to get a grip on all of this. Hoping to be useful to all this asap.

Really glad to be a part of this!


Welcome aboard @Samii_Coz! My hats off to you for doing that much!


Welcome @Samii_Coz! Always good to have another Balimoran!


May I just say again, how wonderful it is to be apart of something greater than myself!?! I may not be a significant part of this, but to be able to witness such phenomenal things is truly a blessing.


I basically just said the same thing over at Campfire!

…I’ll get out of the welcome chat now :sweat_smile:


Hello all, new Balimora here! Been spending the last couple days catching up on the past year’s events, but I believe I should be caught up pretty soon. @Sellalellen recruited me, and has been helping me along. I love puzzles, and hope I’ll get to help solve a few before too long. See you around!


Welcome @PenguinMaster800!!! It’s always nice to have new Balimorans around! :smile:


Welcome : P


Hi im new. My friend who goes by oraclesage here introduced me, but idk anything about this really. The book said i was ebenguard/thornmouth.


Welcome @DandelionWine!!!




Welcome! I’m sorry Oracle dragged you into this mess… :wink:


I just hope i can be useful, are there any things i can read to get up to speed?


Oh sure! You can check the weekly recaps to catch up. There’s also a wiki you can visit if you need help understanding something. That or just ask @OracleSage since he has been on here forever. He could probably answer any questions you may have

EDIT: You can also ask us stuff too : P


K thanks


A good place to start is in the archives where there are all the monthly updates.


Hey Dandelion! Yes, weekly recaps are a wealth of info… Ya know… When Eaves decides to write them.

Also our YouTube channel has some recaps as well as footage of spells we’ve cast in the past.


Welcome! Still catching up myself, but I hope you enjoy this as much as I am so far!


Hey Dandelion, welcome to the forums! :grin: As the others have said, the Basecamp Youtube page is a very good way to get caught up quickly. The Magiq Wiki also has loads of information, and is updated regularly with new information. Also, be sure to check out the Quickstart Guide which has lots of helpful information and links. Best of luck and let us know if you need any help learning the ropes around here!