The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome @ElectricSpaceFrog!


Hello! What guild??


Hello everyone, I’m a new Thornmouth, and very excited to be a part of this. I’ve already been doing some interesting research that I hope helps.


Welcome @Ember! Anything helps!


Modern Barbarian here. You can call me Modern, Barbs, or MB of you must.
I was drawn to the Guide through the book of faces and came out a Thornmouth. I have always loved puzzles and probably would apply to mensa if it didn’t seem like a group of stuffy self-back-patters. Anyway, in the last 2 weeks of a condensed summer semester, looking forward to digging in and catching up once I have time.


I’m real late to the game, but I’m a new Ebenguard (probably polyguild with Gossmere). Glad I found this!


Welcome @ModernBarbarian and @DahlThat!




Hi! I’m an Ebenguard


Thank you! :blush:


Could you tell me where is beat to start here? I have looked at all the tabs and am trying to make sense of all of this, but I feel I have joined to late in the game to catch up on everything, it seems like so much has happened!
Is there a away to start from the beginning to learn what is going on?


If you want to start at the beginning, the best place is the weekly recaps. They’re high level and cover all the important events.

A lot has happened, but we’re about to start the last 4 fragments soon, and each new set of 4 fragments tends to be a bit of a refresh so you’re joining at a great point. Plus we can always use the extra brain power and encouragement!


Hello everyone! Im a new Thornmouth and somewhat lost. Could someone help me out?


Welcome, Tyler! It’s great to have you! First thing, I recommend you get caught up on the goings-on here at Bascamp 33. We haven’t been around (not this generation, anyway) for very long, but we’ve been busy since last year!

To start, head over to the Basecamp 33 YouTube to get spun up on the first eight fragments. The recaps there are a good way to get the information quickly. Then, take a gander at the MAGIQ WIKI that we’ve been compiling to help new Mounties get acclimated.

Lastly, and most importantly, @Eaves, one of the leaders here at Basecamp 33 and the representative of Gossmere, does weekly recaps at the Basecamp blog. That’s one of the best resources we have. He hasn’t posted a recap in a couple weeks, but we recently found something that looks like a magimystical assessment, something that requires a lot of effort and teamwork to complete.

We’re looking forward to your contributions! If solving puzzles and unlocking mysteries isn’t your thing, don’t be discouraged. There is the Campfire, my personal favorite part of being a Mountaineer. The Campfire was a project started by our late, dear friend Itsuki who recently passed away. It’s a place where we go to contribute lore, theories, and art, and stories to help one another understand Mountie history and the world as it used to be before it was stripped of Magiq, and what it could be again.

I hope that you feel excited, and at home here! Welcome to the Mountaineers!


@Deyavi Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it! :smile:


Hello everyone I’m completely new and also a patron! The book said I’m apart of the Ebenguard Guild! So hello, and also I’m completely lost with trying to find my place here…


Smurfette, it’s awesome to have another Ebenguard join our ranks! You can see the above post I just made for Tyler to get all the important links and information, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me, a forum leader, or a regular for help.

Welcome to the Mountaineers.


Welcome @Smurfette!


I do have a question, how do we know so much information about our guilds? I’ve been paroozing through the forums and I can’t see much…then again I’m completely a year behind everyone else…


I’ll respond to you in a quick message :wink: Please hold.