The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


I’d advise using the weekly recaps if you want to catch up with all that’s happened so far. There’s also a wiki that can provide some answers to any questions you may have afterwards. You can also just ask us!

We’re currently trying to finish up fragment 12 (it’ll make sense eventually) and you can try and help there if you want or if you’re feeling creative, maybe make something over at the Campfire? Anyway, now that we’re done with formalities…

Welcome to the Mountaineers!!!


Thanks! Do you know the admin of this site? I need to message him.


You can tag Endri, Bash, or Eaves. They may be able to help you.

@CJB Is the author. You can contact him through the Cabinet of Otherworldly Wonders. It is where all out-of world discussion is placed.


Okay thanks, just need to say about the thing from a second ago.


Welcome @E-Tan!!


Welcome guys! Welcome to Basecamp 33!
Some points of reference if youre trying to get caught up, Youtube Basecamp 33 has video recaps of older fragments with more on their way! Also my fellow Gossmere @Eaves posts weekly recaps, when something worth mentioning happens :wink:

Also please keep all chatter in world, and if you find a loose end or loophole please inform a leader

Welcome to the family! Have fun with the assesment!


Thank you!


Hey there everyone. Freshly sorted Thornmouth here. Still trying to sift through all the info you guys have gathered. Hope I can help us all make sense of our very mucked up world.


Hello @Metalsivart!!!


Hey, @Metalsivart! Awesome to have another Thornie on board :grin:

My name is Deyavi. I’m Ebenguard. I know there is a ton to sort through here at first so here are a few resources to get you started, ok?

First, check out the Basecamp 33 YouTube channel. It is a great way to get caught up on the first 8 Fragments. Next, take a gander at our Wiki, here:

@Eaves, our Gossmere rep, is responsible for the weekly recaps on the blog. That’s a good place to get caught up on the most recent stuff. Don’t worry that he hasn’t posted in awhile, he’s taking some personal time to deal with things. And while we are in the middle of collaborating on a big assessment, there isn’t a ton else going on…

Don’t feel super rushed. PM any of the Forum leaders or regulars if you need help, myself included!

Welcome to the Mountaineers.


Thanks @Deyavi I’m actually watching the fragment 8 recap now. I’ll be sure to read the recaps ASAP so I can be ready when we all need to pool our skills together. Thanks for both you and @Mr5yy for being so friendly


Hello, everyone. I stumbled upon the MAGIQ guide somehow via 4chan and found myself here. Looking through these forums and still trying to figure everything out. Thanks for having me.


Welcome to Basecamp! I’m Vic, a fellow Thornmouth. How great it is to have you and at such a wonderful time. Currently we are working on a Magiq assessment.

The best ways to catch up are Eaves Recaps and the Fragment Recaps that some of our fellow mountaineers made on our Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy your time here.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Make sure you don’t mention any out of world things in this forum. The only place for Out of World discussion is the Cabinet of Otherworldly Wonders. We are very particular about keeping the main forums completely immersed in the world. Again, if you have any questions you can PM me. I’ll be quite happy to answer them.


Hello all. Was recently sorted into Thornmouth and am just beginning on basecamp. I’ll be attempting to sort through the information here, but wanted to make sure I introduced myself first. Can’t wait to work with you all.


Welcome to the family Brengh! Hope you like it here! If you need help just PM me, another leader, or really anyone of “regular” status and we should be able to help you:)


Welcome @Brengh!!


Hey people! I’m a newbie Thornmouth here :slight_smile:


Welcome welcome! Make yourself at home.


Hello, I’m new here and I have to say, a little confused… but I’m excited to join in with this!