The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!


Welcome along! I’m pretty new too, still have things to read, but take a look at the latest fragment we’re trying to figure out.


I’m reading the thread right now! as well as looking into a few small, probably insignificant, ideas of my own.


Do share! They might not be as small as you think they are.


Hey everyone. I’m a very new Ebenguard. I’m still trying to catch up with everything.


Hey everyone! Whilst not new to this brave new world of magic and time-alteration, I am new to the forum, story, and basically everything else outside of my encounter with the Guide to MAGIQ and it’s assessment of me. Can’t wait to join in on the forum, go on this adventure and solve this mystery with all of you! I’m a Thornmouth :slight_smile:


Welcome, fellow Thornmouth!


Nice to see another Thornmouth around here, I feel like there isn’t very many of us here :sweat_smile: Hope you are able to catch up/adjust easily! There is a lot to see… I’m glad I got in when I did because it was a lot less to go through than it is now!


So happy to have a Thornmouth around, I myself am Gossmere, but we always could use a little more wisdom! If you need anything or want to know anything about this wonderful and sometimes confusing world, please feel free to PM me or ask on general chat. I also find older forums can make a good read when playing catch up.
If you need anything just let me know!


Hi, everyone! I’m new here, and, apparently, I’m an Ebenguard. Which, from the description, honestly sounds pretty badass. I’m excited to help out discovering the secrets of the Book of Briars!


Uhm… hi guys. New Balimora here, Layla, English Major, from Texas. I’ve been lurking for a while (since last night, have rifled through all of the pages and all of the research). Not too sure how I can help but I’m trying my best. I just don’t honestly think we are going to get anywhere until we bring DG into the fold, not with the 7th fragment I don’t think. I think we need her for this one. I could be wrong though.


Hello @LaylaLeFae @Megadraco ,
Welcome! I’m Oracle, I’m a Gossmere, and I’m glad we have some new mounties! If you need help or have any questions @Endri and I are almost always around! I’ll see ya around!


I’m a Thornmouth, I think. And really confused…

I’m a writer, and I think a pretty good one. But beyond that I don’t have many useful skills.


Welcome everyone.

And @dogman_35, if you have any specific questions, just ask away and we will try our best to answer.


Welcome! I’m a writer, too, and a hopelessly mediocre one at that. But, as a fellow writer, you know the importance of research which means you most certainly have the skills we need!


Hey guys, I’m back! It wasn’t hard to catch up, so… Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute to the fragments real soon! I always have trouble with the clues about books… :sweat_smile: I may be a Thornmouth but I’m not a bookworm! Anyways, I’m glad to be back! Welcome to all the new recruits, I’m not sure what triggered such an explosion in people, but the more minds the merrier!


Hi everyone :wink: I am a Balimora from Portugal. It looks like I have a lot to read before catching up with everything, but I’ll do my best!


Hey @Nahemah ,
Sorry it took me so long to see this, I haven’t been on much today. As always feel free to ask me or Endri for help, and most mounties around here don’t bite so if neither of us are around they can usually help :wink: Cool to think we are spreading so far globally! Welcome to the Mountineers

-Oracle of Gossmere :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Jo-Anne I’m really new here I literally just started but I found out I am a Thornmouth and I can’t wait to get started


Welcome! There’s quite a bit to catch up on so enjoy perusing the forum. But if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!


Hello. Obviously, since I’m posting here, I’m new to this and trying to catch up through the recaps. I’m Balimora/Weatherwatch I guess. (I keep getting those two at least) Though Balimora shows up a bit more so I’m going to run with it for now and I’ll be jumping in tomorrow. I’ll see you all then.