The TMP Archival Hangout:


Please join me for a Hangout next Tuesday night at 9pm to discuss the end of TMP, what’s next, and together we’ll freeze and archive all in-world forum content together, and start fresh on the forum…

:joy: + :sob:

I hope you can make it!


How long is this going to be running? I’ll probably be a little late.


I’ll definitely be there!


Oooo, I’m super excited for this. See you all on Sunday!


I’m sure it will be until 10pm, maybe longer…
There will be more Hangouts, but this will be the last TMP Hangout.


I want to like this post, but I’m pretty bummed reading it.


Dude. I know.


It is Thanksgiving Weekend up here in Canada, so unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Have an absolute blast though! And cry some tears for me.

And I think it is time for someone else to take up the Hangout Co-Host mantle. I foresee a rigorous challenge lasting from right now until Sunday at 8pm to determine who is the rightful heir. For those interested, be prepared :neutral_face:.

Kidding. Or am I?


Oh man! We can’t lose all our Canadian Mounties! They invented the word!
I could do Tuesday but it would be later, or Thursday at 8pm.
How do those sound folks?


Tuesday night at 9 Eastern or later works well for me! Travelling Thursday, so probably won’t be available.


Happy to do Tuesday at 9pm!


I’ll try to make it if I can!


Tuesday would work better because there’s a turkey with my name on it for Sunday, but if Sunday works for the majority of other Mounties feel free to go ahead with it.


Tuesday’s good for me


Tuesday works great for me!


I think I can make it, probably maybe!


Ooh, if it’s Tuesday I can talk to you all while I pack! (But seriously, any night works for me.)


Oh man my tutor is gonna kill me! Stuff it I’ll be there! :wink: :fist:


Tuesday it is!


Can’t do Tuesday but y’all have fun! :wink: