The Tabletop Gaming Thread!


Hi all! Welcome to the Tabletop gaming thread! Come and chat about tabletop games here! the dnd specific thread is over here, and video games are here, but of course some crossover is to be expected.

Have fun! :blossom:


Okay I’ll kick this off with my current tabletop obsession Escape the Dark Castle!

It’s a co-op chapter based adventure game with the aim of everyone escaping!

So you have 15 chapter cards to work through that are randomly selected from over 100 chapter cards. There are three different start cards and 15 boss cards, you always start and end with one start and one boss. The black dice are the chapter dice which are only used during combat/traps/obstacles along side the white player dice. Each character has unique stats and accompanying dice.

I’m playing with all three expansions mixed in and the player chapter die which makes he game a lot harder. You can play each of the expansions separately but I prefer to mix it all together.

I haven’t covered everything in this so if you have any questions please ask!


Oh wow, that looks really fun! How do the expansions work? Do they just add different types of obstacles, or do they have different cards entirely?


So cult if the death Knight adds in the aspect of curse cards and monsters that can deal extra damage if you have the curse marked for death. There’s also the risk of one of the players fighting against you if they’re below half their health and have a specific curse and roll the curse dice badly.

The Undead queen adds in NPC companions with special abilities to help you along the way and also adds the item spell book and it’s dice to the game.

Blight if the plauge lord adds three new characters and also plague cards. So these cards can give you certain levels of plague and plague monsters also give you plague on attack. Level of plague is determined by the plague dice and if you go above 5 plague you take one damage. When you reach 15 plague you start loosing 2 hp. Also if you have plague and give an uninfected player one of your items they also get plague. If you leave the castle with plague you win but you’re probably gonna die eventually


Oh and the collectors box expansion I have adds in death die which are harder character die, the item living stone and it’s dice, character flaws and more bosses


Ooh! Those seem like fun mechanics, I love how curses and plagues work in games, slow effects are fun to try and figure out how to solve. It gives you time to be worried, but also time to try and do something about it! :blossom:


I believe there’s only one chapter card that can cure plague, also the chapter cards are beautifully drawn!


Okay so the three black symbols show what you need to roll to defeat each dice (In this case one cunning and two wisdom). The person symbol means you have to roll another chapter dice for each player and if you’re using the death dice it gets even harder!

The two in the corner shows how much damage the monster does but if you roll a shield you can avoid damage. However this card has a combat special which prevents that! Some combat special target specific plays such as the weakest or most plague ridden


Ooh, I like that. Seems like a tricky game, but a lot of fun! I love the hatching on the card, it’s a good way to make fantastic imagery that will still print well without any colour, I feel like more games should make use of it! :blossom:


It’s really tricky but so fun when you get the hang of it!

I can’t wait for the Dark Sector as they’ve massively overhauled the combat and the chapter function. From what I’ve heard they’ve split it into three different chapter sections so I can’t wait to see what they’ve done!


Ooh, sounds like they’re going to make it gradually increase in difficulty then, that’ll make it very interesting! :blossom:


Look what I got!


Ooh, that looks fun! Love the way that’s drawn, reminds me of old pixel flash games! :blossom:


Well it’s the card-based tabletop version of one: The Oregon Trail.


Oh! That’d be why then. It suits it! They could’ve tried an imagery overhaul but i feel like it works better the way it is there! :blossom:


Oh that’s cool!


Other than ttrpgs (which I play a LOT of) I also like Hero Quest, Letters from Whitechapel and Sandwich Masters. I can’t take pictures right now, but I’ll find a couple online to illustrate my points.

Hero quest is sort of like DnD, but only the combat and map exploration, there’s little to no roleplay and it’s very simple gameplay, but that’s part of what makes it fun! It also comes with physical 3d map pieces, which, since I can’t afford dnd minis or anything like that, is pretty much as close to that sort of game as I’m likely to get! Spells are little one-use cards, and items also come on cards, meaning there’s very little to write down. It’s also got a little screen for the dungeon master (or, in this case, Evil Wizard) to hide behind.

Letters from Whitechapel is a game about Jack the Ripper. One person plays Jack, the others play as policemen trying to track Jack down. The game is heavily rigged in Jack’s favour, since there’s only one of him and he’s on the run at all times. The goal of Jack is to kill a certain number of victims and not get caught, and the goal of the police is to take Jack down before the time runs out. It’s a game about strategy and trying to surround an invisible enemy! The Victorian aesthetic is good fun as well, it’s well designed!

Sandwich masters is a rapid-fire game of sandwiches, subterfuge and sabotage. The goal is simple: make the most money. You can do this by completing sandwich orders. However… You can cheat with ‘bad ingredients’, and sabotage other people’s sandwiches. If an Inspector is called on anyone with a bad ingredient, they’ll have to pay up, or lose their sandwich, or, if they’re really unlucky, all of the sandwiches in their hand! And since you can have up to four sandwiches on the go at once, it can be devastating.

As for ttrpgs, well… that’s a whole other story haha! :blossom:


Hero Quest was my entire childhood! Oh how nostalgic! We even had some house rules. For example, the dwarf (always played by Dad) could see under tables, and people with ranged weapons could shoot over his head. The seeing under tables bit was highly debated at first and we eventually agreed that he could see under them but not attack under a table. I wonder what happened to our set… it’s getting harder and harder to find nowadays so I’d rather not buy another one if we still own it somewhere.


Yeah, even finding a picture of the same type we have was tricky… I suppose because cardboard falls apart pretty easily? Most of the sets I’ve seen on sale either have bits missing or the prints on the items are messed up. I suppose it’s a sign of love, though! :blossom:


Anyone like Betrayal at House on the Hill?