The "Storm"


He could be referring to us as ‘them’. Or Path of Silver followers? (not entirely up to speed on that front)

Who would always watch and always hear KS?


Would Kemetic Solutions be “Storm Solutions” in more mythological terms.

If so they are always being watched by us - mountaineers.
Or was Teddy something else before he had anything to do with KS?


I hope the coming storm is like a southern gale strong and intense but short


So a question; does anyone know a way to prepare for the Storm?


Batten down the hatches, make sure you have your emergency contacts ready, stay away from windows and anything heavy that could fall on you, and stock up on batteries, non-perishables, and water?
My southeastern roots are showing.

In terms of this storm, it seems like standing together as a community is the best defense mechanism we’ve been given so far.


The eye told us that our community is a strong one - the whirl of questions remains. What is going to be so powerful that previous mountaineers were wiped out? Physical, intellectual, social, mystical? And this is a specific, sent, almost timeable storm.


My gut check based on what Augernon told us, what Teddy has written, and what the Oracular eye told us is that KS is not responsible for the Storm. I could always, of course, be incorrect. I see the Storm as more of an opposing force to the Counsel of the 18 Gates, with each existing on the other side of the Veil.


I’m curious on if the storm is a natural result of the twelfth fragment. Or of trying to open the book of briars in general.

It could always be that the book sets things in motion in order to test those attempting to open it. Assuming the book is as conscious or more conscious as the Eye


There’s a concept Brandon Lachmann used in his RPG which kinda mirrored our world. It was called the 'Riddling Incarnate" I think. I can’t find the exact document right now but it was something like that. There wasn’t a lot of details but it seemed like a philosophy / guiding life principle / religion in his world.

The idea as I understood it is that anything worth knowing, was worth having to work to figure out and uncover. Anything found out easily, isn’t worth knowing. Anything really, really important had a corresponding difficulty to learn.

This is why the Book just doesn’t outright tell us the fragments or simply open up.

So, you could argue, I suppose, that the Storm is a challenge the Book puts in the way of those who open it intentionally as a way to test them. But…would the book really go so far as to kill, and mentally wipe people as a consequence of this challenge? Man, I hope not.


I feel like it is a test too, kind of like the assessments, Is this one of them? To see if we have what it takes to open the book, if that’s the case I doubt KS will make it since the bad bad things they have been doing


Like the Ocular Eye said “You are more resourceful, more keen, more bonded than any who have come before you.” I think the mountaineers of this age have proved ourselves, on how we work together and don’t back down, In the modern age we have the ability to become more connected than the 94 mountaineers were, We can work through the storm. We will work through the storm.


Also, just because the Storm came for the ‘94 Mounties’ at fragment 12 doesn’t mean it has to do it at the same time for us.


I agree that we don’t have enough concrete evidence to say when for sure… but what we can say with a reasonable amount of confidence is that the closer we get, the more likely it’ll come for us.

And obtaining Fragment Twelve means getting the third key, something that, if our gut instincts are good, is against The Storm’s interests.


We should treat the Storm as something that comes at fragment 12. Complacency will just get us all wiped… or worse.

We put Augernon through a lot, and he gave us this warning. We’d be disrespecting his sacrifice if we ignored it.


I’m not advocating for complacency - we should think through every possible scenario in order to prepare for what we know will inevitably come.


Just so. We might not be able to see every possible future, but we can prepare for as many of them as possible.


Okay, I know I’m new to all of this, so this may be a stupid point to make, but has anyone made the connection to ‘the storm’ and the fact that one of the guilds is called weather watch? Even on the crest it depicts lightning on the west, by the telescope. It probably does not mean anything, but I thought it was cool and felt like sharing. :sweat_smile:


That’s a nice catch! I myself am not too sure if there’s a connection, but that does not mean in any way that there isn’t one.

Unfortunately, it seems like the only time we’ll get to know more about the Storm is from a currently unforeseen source or when it’s right on top of us.


No way a Bali could weathermancy this storm away?:sob:


I wish, maybe we could try?