The "Storm"


Here is where we can discuss the "storm "


Okay, so my current wonderings about The Storm is whether or not it’s related to The Sweeper or the Wanderer that Dr. Teddy mentions on this page.


Well what brought on the idea of starting this thread was the fact that we’ve had quite a few warnings, starting pretty far back, from various people, that a storm is coming. We knew it was bad, but didn’t really… get it. Now that we know more, we need to look at it and try to figure out who might be behind it, what kind of storm it is (does it kill, wipe memories, destroy property? What does it do?) And how to prepare for it, how to “fight” it.


The sweeper and wanderer sound to me like tools to use. Teddy says that he doesn’t understand why they’d use wanderer when they had such good results with sweeper


Wanderer sounds like some kind of scout, roving about looking for potential “targets”. Sweeper sounds like, well a sweeper, kind of a blitzkrieg, wipe em off the map kind of thing. Or a mind sweeper.
They’re likely adepts they’re using to do this. Or, this is KS, some kind of magic infused technology.


I think the Mind Sweeper is a pretty solid idea. From the context, it sounds like using Wanderer may allow the victims to return to their lives (he talks about unhooking them and not knowing what they remember or where they’ll go) where as Sweeper doesn’t allow for that. Maybe Sweeper is like a total erasure? Maybe that’s what happened to Augernon?


Spot on. I wasn’t thinking about it in context. My brain is a bit fried. I think you nailed it @Mr.Fern.


Can anyone give a rundown of previous mentions of “The Storm” for those of us newer here? Past mentions, context, ect.


I think of it something like this. When an officer orders for a sweep, a squad searches the entire area. But a wandering squad has no real objective other than to take out what they’re meant to.

The sweep is much more brutally efficient method, generally. A wandering squad is harder to predict though.

Sorry for the metaphor, but hopefully it helps.


This is the transcript of the conversation the reporter Marty had with the former Mountaineer Augernon. Augernon mentions The Storm in that.


I’ll try, but I probably won’t get them all.
Give me a few minutes.

  • Augie - I tried to save them. I tried to buy them time. Sent my
    family away because I knew they’d come for me. And I thought I could… I thought I could give
    everyone a chance to hide.
    M: hide from what?
    A: The Storm.
    M: What is the Storm?
    A: The other side of the forked road. I don’t know what they call themselves but they’ve been here
    for centuries. The shadow cast on the world

  • Aether - In his first live-stream to us.

  • Brandon, in his final message to us -
    darker storms are coming for the books
    depend on each other, build your army.
    I have no doubt you’ll be ready when the rain falls.


Someone said Isis was the Lady of Storms.
Set (deity) Set /sɛt/ or Seth (/sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh, Setekh, or Suty) is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. In Ancient Greek, the god’s name is given as Sēth (Σήθ).

To keep the Egypt flow going. KS could be a Seth Cult?


Augernon says the only way to stop The Storm is to “learn all you can”…so does that mean that there might be a spell of some sort to stop it? Or is The Storm just made unusable the more people learn the truth about the world. About Magiq?

Y’all i’m just completely spit-balling here. @MrFoxglove I’m going to need to cover our walls with cork board, paper clippings, and various colors of thread.


Personally, I would more readily believe that the storm is something to do with Seth than Isis. Isis is typically seen as a goddess of health, wisdom, and marriage. She is personified as being caring towards children, and the elderly, and the slaves and down trodden. I seriously doubt she is the root of the storm.


Well the direct opposer, if you will, to Seth, is his brother* Horus, and there was a mythical battle between their followers.

*depending on which stories you read. Uncle in some.


You can be swept away in a storm. Maybe the ultimate form of the sweeper tool is the storm.
Those who employ it have been around forever, it would seem “The shadow cast over the world”.
I always associate storms with a particular odd light, and I get the same sense here. We sit in a half light right now, waiting for the storm to occur.


So, given everything that’s happened, I thought I’d compile a list of some of the terrifying warnings we’ve been given:

Ascender - “A machine churns in the dark places of the world. Growing in size and power. An old machine that wants to separate us”
Brandon Lachmann - Fragment Four - "Darker storms are coming for the books. "
Lauren - Fragment Nine - “I hope you find what you’re looking for, and have as few regrets as possible.”
Aether - Fragment Ten - “There’s a storm coming.”
Augernon - Fragment Eleven - “It’s almost unlocked. But we didn’t see the Storm coming.”

When KS first started coming up, my initial assumption was that the machine Ascender mentioned was Wanderer/Sweeper. But I’m starting to think that KS is much, much older than its incarnation and so is this machine. Probably its ancient. And it’s almost got me wondering if this ‘cycle’ of people finding the Book, trying to unlock it, and being pushed back by evil forces has been going on for a long time.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous about what this storm entails. But I think if we follow Augie’s advice then perhaps we could be the ones to pull through. We just have to trust in each other, trust in the book, and take all the help we can get.


What exactly was the storm the originals faced before us?? Has that been said as far as details go?


No, it hasn’t. It’s not clear whether the Storm is an entity, an organization, a force, or an individual. All we know - all we think we know - is that it’s malignant, and willing to sweep anyone that gets too close to the truth off the playing field. Anyone that gets too close to the Magiq is eliminated.


Just now noticed this on Climber’s page.

“It’s only a matter of time until this revelation brings a storm to our quiet little corner of the world. We are always watched, always heard. She is now too valuable for them to resist.”

Presumably Teddy is talking here. He could just be being poetic but maybe he’s also referencing The Storm? Which leads me to believe that either KS isn’t connected to whatever causes the storm, or that Teddy really has no idea what KS is capable of.