The Six Elements - Alchemical Symbols Project



I actually really like House of Ideas! I also like the idea of House of Possibilities? Because ore, raw materials, have infinite possibilities. They’re objects to be molded.

Gotta jet to class but I’ll be back with more pondering on options.


Wait. House of Inspiration.

That solves my qualms about too much focus on the physical aspect/output and not about why we create, and no “sound” issues!

Other options: House of Illumination, House of the Muse, House of Vision.


Oooh, that’s an interesting option. Weighing the implications of “Ideas” versus “Inspiration” as something internally produced versus something that comes to you from outside.


well, inspiration could be something internal as well, or even connected to our Eureka moments.

Tides as purpose. works.


I could also see Thought as the House of Searching or the House of Seeking/ House of Questioning/ Asking. Some of those words might be a little too WW though.


The guilds do over lap though


Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s kind of the cool thing about these houses - together they’re supposed to represent the whole of the magimystic consciousness. I don’t think any of the Guilds can be totally without any of the houses, just like I think some little bit of each Guild is in every magimystic. But I’m also a big fan of the Renaissance, golden thread, “everything is interconnected” philosophy, so maybe I’m reading that into it a bit.

puts on linguist hat
I think “Questioning” versus “Reflection” is another really interesting term choice for Thought. The word “question” is actually of Latin origin, from quaerere - “to ask” or “to seek,” but it’s developed a more intellectual context. The word “reflect” is also from Latin, but its root reflectere literally means “to bend back.” So it’s almost like one of them has a continuing outward motion, where the other has a returning motion?

This is sort of where I got my interpretation of “inspiration” versus “creation,” as well. Creare has more of a sense of making or producing something, where inspirare literally means “to breathe into,” which implies something entering from without.
removes linguist hat


I think “Reflection,” when looking at your etymology, actually works really well for an introverted/Moon guild.


No, keep going Viv! This is really fascinating stuff. :deirdreexcited:

Your comment about inspiration meaning ‘to breath into’ is interesting to me. It makes me link ‘breath of creation’ to it!


pushes linguist hat back into Viv’s hands, sits down, opens notebook

This is very cool, and I’m super digging the linguist insight :eyes:


Haha, okay then. Umm, we were bandying about different options for Aether’s House; “humanity” comes from the pretty straightforward Latin adjective humanus, of or relating to human beings. The terms “communion” and “community” both come from the adjective communis, describing things that are universal or held in common. There’s a further suggestion that communis is itself a compound of cum+munire, “to defend with” or “build with” someone, although I think that derivation might be less definitive.

“Exploration” for Light is another Latin compound. Ex+plorare literally meant “to cry out,” and the suggestion is that it developed the connotation of searching because it was used as a hunting term, to describe the process of scouting an area for game by shouting. An alternative explanation is a combination of ex+pluere “to flow out,” and these both feel like the most Weatherwatch thing ever.

“Purpose” is a little more complex, but can be traced back through the French porposer, “to put forth,” which itself traces back to the Latin prefix pro- and a cognate/loan noun from the Greek pauein, “to stop or cease,” which is also where we get “pause” from, so it implies the putting forward of a resting place, establishing a goal or an end to something.


I put this up on the discord aaages ago so finally moving it over to here but was thinking about the early Weatherwatcher explorers and then got to thinking about our realms explorers and their treatment of the indigenous folk so I cam up with
The Shadow Houses
House of Conquest

House of Cruelty

House of Destruction

House of Apathy

House of Impulsivness

House of Stagnation