The Six Elements - Alchemical Symbols Project



Absolutely allowed!


They’re everyone’s now. The more collaboration, the better!


I was still unhappy with Ore, so I totally redid it. Here’s the new Ore circle, and all six together with the update:




I love Ore.


New Ore or Old Ore? :grin:


You did an awesome job Augo! Love the new ore!


all ore, but new Ore is especially beautiful


I, too, am a huge fan of New Ore.


Absolutely loving the design for Wild!


Thanks! The little circles inside are my attempt at eyeballing a Fibonacci sequence.



Hey, great work on helping to design the alchemical symbols for the six elements.

Are you ready for part two?

Did you all know that the elements go deeper than just representing the six magimystic materials that make up all of existence?

Did you know that they also govern the six parts of magimystic consciousness? The Six Houses?

Light - The House of Exploration
Aether - The House of Humanity
Ore - The House of Creation
Tides - The House of Purpose
Thought - The House of Reflection
The Wild - The House of Change

What do you think? Do the names of the six houses fit the guild and element they align with?
Are the six houses a solid representation of magimystic consciousness?

They’re all up for discussion.


What if you were to explore those houses in writing or art, or maybe even write verses based on them that would summon them or allow you to reflect on them, kind of like you did the elements in the Call The Corners spell?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Brain processing, download complete. Screaming .exe initiated.

Houses, elements, guilds~and they are all connected. I’m living for this. The Houses sound like beautiful buildings filled with artifacts and tomes and information, almost like the wings of a museum!


-or- like Houses of the Zodiac.


And they could each cover two zodiac signs! (Presuming we’re talking western zodiac system)
…do you think they’d take turns and cycle through twice in a year, or just divide into sixths and cycle through once? (I’m almost leaning toward two cycles, then there’d be a chance of the solstices and equinoxes lining up with our sunrise/sunset guilds)


Can I suggest a small tweak on Ore? Rather than Creation, what about Creativity?

Ore is, at its core, a seed. Unrefined. A fragment of an idea. It’s the image of a future that could be. To me, creation puts an emphasis on the end process. Something already developed, refined. Creativity is about the ability and desire to create something. It is a skill that is honed over time, through practice. So for Flinterforge, for Ore, everything starts with the spark of an idea and that inspiration is followed through into some end result.

As a slight tangent…There are so many reasons why I dislike the Forge/Blacksmith/Tolkien Dwarves imagery, but I think another aspect of it is because it’s shortsighted. It puts the emphasis on a tool - for a singular and rare profession - rather than the reasons one uses said tool. That’s not the heart of Flinterforge. Flinterforge aren’t afraid of hard work, but that’s not all they are, they’re not defined by manual labor. They’re not defined by a tool. It’s the hours spent daydreaming, of sketching and outlining and building patterns and diagrams. And believing in those ideas so strongly that they gain the persistence to see it through. To me, that’s the heart of Flinterforge.

Anyways, I should probably hop off my soapbox, because I’m not sure I fit in this guild anymore. :eavessweat: But it’s the guild I’ve mainly thought a lot about, so there’s my 2 cents on it.


Also I know this is weird, but when I thought about the houses, I immediately made the association with colleges? Like you know how in a university, there’s a college of arts and science, or a college of business, college of art and design, etc. I kind of like it because it connects the fact that the elements/houses are built around a certain ideas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t intermingle with the other houses. A person could primarily live and learn in the House of Humanity, but also spend time pondering in the House of Purpose at times.

What Does Your Guild Mean to You?

I’ve never thought of Flinterforge as dwarf-related, and I… made it all up? :cjheart:

Flinterforge has a ton of lore that I can’t release for a year or so, more than most, but I’ve mentioned previously that the name “Flinterforge” was a name from a previous era and while other guilds fuss and fret over their identity, Flinterforged are too busy making the world better through creation and creativity to worry about what they’re called. It’s more an honor to the past than their indelible identity.


Sets up comfy chair and sits with coffee while waiting for the extra Weatherwatch lore to be released


There’s already Weatherwatch lore in TMP that was never picked up on. :cjtea: