The Six Elements - Alchemical Symbols Project



I had some time this morning, so I took a crack at a few of them:


So I wanted to give this a shot. Here’s my attempt:

They’re all kind of a mixture of nature symbols and anatomy? I wanted to combine a human aspect into the symbols, since they’re used in the practice of magiq. I also didn’t want to do anything too conventional, so I tried to do symbols that made sense but were also different, more unique to the MAGIQverse.

Size wise, I was curious how they’d do. They actually work pretty well emoji size! Here’s some tinies:
aether light ore thought tides wilds

And here’s how they look emoji size:


They’re stunning!!! Love these so much!!!


I’m screaming, these are stunning


So cool!


Four down, two to go.


i feel like we’ll have a bunch of these for options.
for real though. Augo’s are amazing, our resident Rev’s takes are fantastic, and everyone else’s are inspired.
i still have 4 to go, but i think mine might not hold a candle to those presented.

(not to mention Sky’s full circle we could use as a type of ‘Calling the Corners’ seal. like as the way we use the energies of the six elements all together.)


The things you can do with Microsoft PowerPoint, let me tell you.


You did these with PowerPoint? Good lord, Augo! I was already impressed but now I’m even more amazed. :deirdreexcited:




Well, I’m just flabbergasted. I think @grimangel53 is right, using elements from all of them to make a really unique, Mountie-designed set.



I might re-make or edit Ore. Just have Wild left!


All 6 done


So… I think I’m going to wrap this project up by week’s end, if no one else has any outstanding submissions (I mean, all your submissions are outstanding, you know what I mean.) because it’s time to go to… phase 2 of the project. Stay tuned…


Okay, last one (and an updated Ore):


Here are all six, in one big, happy family!


I love all of these!!! Can I steal them and add them to a circle?


I have an idea for one or two…That’s allowed, right? Or is a full set preferred?


I did one!