The Six Elements - Alchemical Symbols Project



The Six Elements - Alchemical Symbols Project

As the first of two new projects in The Creationary, I’d like to invite the AG community to design the alchemical symbols for the six magimystic elements, Light, Aether, Ore, The Tides, Thought, and The Wild.

You can choose to take on one, fine tune an idea to work alongside others, or create a complete set yourself.

From the submissions, we’ll choose designs to actually, canonically represent the elements in the Magiqverse, and they’ll even be included in a secret future project!

There will be badges and rewards for submissions we select, and this project will also create magimystic energy for the Magiqverse, so who knows what might happen. :cjtea:


  1. The image should either be housed in a circular shape, or at least be able to fit inside a circular shape.
  2. The symbols can be complex, but should also be to be clear at smaller sizes, say 1 inch.
  3. If drawing isn’t your strength, no problem! You don’t have to draw from scratch, you could remix other images, (as long as you create something unique and we have the right to re-use them) or you could work with someone more illustrative and develop a narrative to go with their image, one that helps to explain the concept.


The symbols could be abstract:

Or representational:


Or complex:

And I’m particularly inspired by this image (click to expand) because of the rules and lore behind it:

The other must-haves are that they need to be unique to our universe, and work together aesthetically. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



An early attempt at aether. I was going for something simple, primitive even, but that represented Gossmerims innate togetherness. Something you could find in old Thornmouths texts, but also painted on the cheek of a Gossmere during a colorful festival. The central circle is aether proper, the dot at the center reminiscent of classic gold, because in my mind aether is very resplendent in appearance. The six dots that are connected to the central circle represent the guilds, all six, because “Life binds us together as one, we are all Gossmere.”


These are my attempts at 3 of the 6. Thought, light, and aether


Though I may try to find more…simple representations.


And now, going off what Oracle started, I have a couple more simplified options.

Enjoy. I’mma make the other 4 in the simple manner


Light (the bottom one)


Super rough draft of what I tried coming up with for Tides.


Ore…I might go back and make one of the other matching set.


I tried for a cleaner Tides 2.0…

The moon could be a bit better, but Paint doesn’t have it under its default shapes, so I had to get creative with some copy/paste and tracing when resizing made the line weight super thin.
But I think I prefer this one, earth needed to be less prominent than water, since that’s ultimately what the moon’s acting on, and all the round-ness being on the outside has fixed the cringe-y feeling I was getting looking back at having earth as outermost, and feels more true to how tides work in that respect.


Omigosh you guys, I figured it out! I was looking for ore ideas at 4 am, when the idea of combining all of them came to me! I feel like this fits perfect for aether, which I always think of as “all of the everything around us”. I’d originally had a mushroom for wild, but I think just works so much better. Please disregard my other submissions, I don’t think I personally could come up with anything to top this (I know the rest of you can though!) Btw, if you can’t tell, thought is a cloud with random designs in it.


I’m also throwing @Skylad’s depiction from phase 3 into the mix because it’s beautiful, everyone should enjoy it again, and it should be in the running for the final images.


Oh no don’t look at that one!!! I like 2.0 better!!! I just need bigger paper :sleepy:


Kind of on topic: while exploring alchemy symbols I discovered 33 among them…


I can’t find 2.0! Did you post it?


Not yet, the draft appeared on the discord but should have a good copy by this arvo






There’s a mythology behind these that I’ll add here later. Sorry for all the erasure marks!


I’m drooling over both of these, @Skylad and @Viviane , great representations of the elements :heart_eyes:


I’m blown away by all the beautiful work here!