The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


I was able to stand outside the front door of my tag and it updated quickly, so i assume a quick minute wait outside should be enough, unless the place is huge


Ok i’ll see what happens. I can’t get my app to log me in so I’m working around that.


As long as you have it open, it should be good. :eaves:


Awesome! Headed there now!


No luck in Salem. But it fits perfectly! I can come back with more time later. I wandered all over the area but there are some spots on the site that were closed for a special event.


Thanks for checking this out katalena! There should be a little icon when the app is on (at least for android, unsure about ios), which should be all it needs. It may also help to have the gps turned on as well. :cjsmile:


Yeah I’ll mess with my app a bit more. Then I’ll go explore the area again. There are train tracks that run north/south (trains grown and are not alive) creeks converge there, and I can touch the mill. And we are known for our wine (gold bubbles?) I’ll do some more research on the clue too.


Just to add on, I think you have to make sure you’re signed in to the forum through the app?


From what I’ve experienced, you 100% DO NOT have to be signed in for the weird notifications to work. I have not been signed in when I’ve received mine.


Eep…sorry about that! :sweat:


Right then… not sure what else i can do here, except keep this thread running. Any progress, anyone?


Sorry for not posting sooner. Been out of town (a long post is due, I turned a family vacation into a hunt for the mysterious A.G. shipment) but @AG_Catherine has been in the office on her own, brave soul she is. She’s noticed that the sounds of the “other” AG office have been steadily fading over the past month. And no sign of Woolie. She was working on the last set of clues and wrote them all down in a notebook. This morning she found that some parts had been crossed out and some phrases had been marked up or annotated!

On wheels a) or wings
On wires or things
That grow but aren’t alive
b) That travel between north and south
c) Or twinkle in the sky

b) A link-in the address
a) Where gold bubbles flow
c) A mill-I-can reach
And minerals low
A meeting of waters
A jolt in the air

This is a huge boon going forward. As long as some form of the office connection continues, we might be able to get help.

My concern is why does the link seems to be fading. Is it because magic is basically gone after unlocking The Book of Briars? Is it because we haven’t solved the clue? Is there some kind of timetable to all this?


If there is a timetable, what is causing it to be in effect?
Also it leads to two paths for us:
A) We hurry and work to beat this unknown timetable (which I think is the best idea)
or B) We find a way to change the timetable

Edit: I’m aware that this is most likely False Dichotomy logical fallacy, but I currently can’t think of more outcomes.


With the connection to Where gold bubbles flow and or wings being confirmed, I’m really getting the sense that the Champaign aviation museum is a good place to go.

Also, looking at it now, there’s dashes with both link-in and mill-I-can. If link-in is Lincoln does that mean mill-I-can is some sort of oronym? Apparently there is both a Millican, Texas and a Millican, Oregon. And a residential district in Calgary, Alberta called Millican Estates.


Wait, @Ginger, you’re from Calgary, right? Do you know anything about Millican Estates and how it might be related to “twinkle in the sky”?


Also, googling “Millican reach” returns results for the University of Central Florida.


And the university motto is “Reach for the Stars” which Millican chose! Perfect!

Edit: There’s a statue of Millican on campus - a good starting place?


Looks like all of the streets have a space theme too. NASA missions/constellations…


@echomoon, you’re from the area right? Think you could check it out?


Absolutely! I can try sometime this week.