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All the things named “mill” in my most recent suggestion for that are named after an actual mill on the heritage site. not that I can check it myself…


I hate to be the one to add more discussion to the pot after your great summary and post. But since Chi used the other museum in Kamloops, I am not sure “Between North and South” can be applied to the “Meeting of Waters” clue. I am also pretty sure the exhibit @Ashburn found is temporary, similar to the fire exhibit Chi was talking about earlier. I have been doing some digging into the museum to see what I can find, and I found this image:

You will notice in the back right there is a pretty cool car. I know nothing about the car/“wheels” other than it looks super cool and I want to drive it. But could that be our “on wheels” clue, instead of the “North and South” one? I have just been having some hard time coming up with concrete facts that would tie the “North and South” line to the Kamloops Museum and Archives


To be completely honest, I have “north and south” marked off differently than the others on my personal notes too, just in case something else comes up.


Okay, so I’m at the bat houses. No Woolie communique. Made sure I was standing right on the map marker too, and posting this from there just in case.

Not here.

Edit: Tried the museum with the butterfly rainforest again, got right under the map marker for that and the museum itself, still nothing.


Finally at the National Mining Museum, we’ll see if anything happens before my phone dies.


Nothing from that museum unfortunately. Once I’m back from my trip I’ll plan out visiting the others in my area.


i think we’re missing that the kamloops museum and archives has an entire exhibit dedicated to the tkumlups people, who lived on the north and south thompson river. Also it has an exhibit dedicated to settlers who travelled down the thompson on rafts to found fort kamloops.


so, things we’re missing so far are

On wheels
on wings
PossiblySolved(That travel between north and south)
that twinkle in the sky

A link in the address
Where gold bubbles flow
a mill i can reach

anyone got a travelling mill on wheels and wings ala howls moving castle? lol


Up at post 133 on here, there was the Willamette Heritage Site out in Salem, Oregon that I thought might be a good fit for on wheels - a mill I can reach.
On wheels because of the Oregon Trail and mills having wheels.
A mill I can reach because there’s a road and a river named for the mill at the heritage site (presumably).

Of course, that’s about as far from me as you can get without heading into Canada… :deirdrexd:


I checked the map. @katalena, this looks like a job for you. You’re the only one here currently living in salem, oregon


I could have a possible combination. “A mill I can reach” would be the Clifton Mill, a revolutionary-era mill turned restaurant on the Little Miami River, which has some gold prospecting and panning areas, so “where gold bubbles flow”.


That doesnt work, though. Gold flakes would be more accurate in that case. Bubbles implies a liquid.


If it isn’t too far out of the way, it’s worth a shot. :eaves:


Gold is found in the river. This would cause bubbles to appear golden.


I’m just saying it doesnt make grammatical sense. Gold bubbles implies its the bubbles that are gold, and not that there are gold and bubbles, in which case they’d just say “where gold and bubbles flow”.
Just pointing out syntax.


I haven’t been following this thread (busy at work lately) but i’ve done a quick scroll through and I may know the exact place this clue is talking about. Can someone give me a recap of what I’m looking for?


In essence, go to the location w/ the ackerly green app open and a popup should appear if we got it right with a message. Screenshot the popup and post it here, and we’re good.


Yes! it’s actually just down from my office. (as for Sassy Onion, we have quite a few hilariously named places in Salem) :wink:


Ok. I’ll check it out today! I’ll keep you all posted!


Is there a fairly small geo fence on the location or is there some wiggle room? Just scheduling my exploration time :wink: