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Ah, crap thats a good point. I checked the 2141 yard and the museum and archived thus far, but the first nations reserve is all uncharted territory for me, since its so far from where i live and i know nobody who lives there. There might very well be something i missed in that place.


The only reason I know about it is because I used to work for the Indian Band as their Junior Civil Engineer. I am just brainstorming at this point and time. Create a list of what we think and then see where we are at



In terms of what i was going for, i know the first piece was “a meeting of waters”, and im thinking the second was “that grows but itsnt alive”. I found it at a museum on the wildfires from last year that devastated the entire western coast of bc


Just want to add a little discussion to that. I thought it could be the wildfires too, but the exhibit has only been around for two weeks and is temporary. This set of clues came to us about a month ago. Is there anything else it could be?


I think we decided that “That grow but aren’t alive” was my clue, @Cj_Heighton, and I think what @Brendon said is a good point. Was the museum that you went to the one that Brendon suggested? If so, what direction do the rivers flow at that crossing? If they flow north to south, then that could be “That travel between north and south,” though that implies a transfer between. Any others that it might be?


I’ve had no luck so far in my town, so starting Friday I’m going to be going to a couple of places outside if it.


Also, here are the memories we have so far and the clues that we think are associated with each:

@Remus’ clue: “A Terrible Storm”; Or things that grow but aren’t alive, and minerals low

@Mike’s clue: “A Broken Heart”; On wires, Jolt in the sky

@Cj_Heighton’s clue: “A Lost Ship”; -, A meeting of waters

Also, I think the way that @Saberlane broke down the first stanza is a more useful mapping than the original if that helps people identify possible clues!


Chi, where did the memory activate? The place Bren mentioned? :o


Yep. Sorry, busking at the moment =3=

EDIT: sorry i misread the question. Its the kamloops museum and archives, so no. Its downtown off the reserve. here, i found a history writeup. Maybe we can find a clue to part 2 in here?


This makes me think it can still pair with north & south. :brandonthinking:


Just going to throw this out there again, now that we have half…

They’ve all been museums so far. :martysly:


I feel like I may have found something.

I’m thinking maybe “on wheels - a mill I can reach…”

@katalena, this something you might be able to check out?

not related, but just noticed “Sassy Onion” :deirdrexd:


Does this sound like it matches up with any of the clues?

Where gold bubbles flow maybe?


It’s worth a shot.

I’ve also started trying to look for bodies of water with names that could translate to something with gold in it.


At the US’s highest incorporated city and will be heading to test out the National Mining Museum relatively soon!

Update: Museum day is tomorrow


The only one on here that I think could apply to me would be That Between North and South, as I am in the process of moving to New Orleans… but its funny, its almost like the pin knows I’m going?
Sentient Pin vibes are kinda cool, kinda spooky.


Okay, so I was thinking it might be helpful, in the vein of what Remus posted above, to review the clues we’ve knocked out and the methodology that mapped them to their locations.

I think it’s reasonable to say at this point that all of the locations we’re looking for are museums, so here’s what I’m thinking.

Remus had “things that grow but aren’t alive / minerals low” - the original museum was designed to house a mineral collection, which fits both of these clues, since crystals and mineral deposits are non-living things that grow over time. Could also refer to the museum collection, but if they’re all museums that’s not a particularly distinctive clue, but I do still think “Low” may have been a sound clue

Mike had “wires / a jolt in the air,” since both of those seem obviously related to the museum about electricity.

Chi and Brendon I think had “travel between north and south / meeting of waters” since the name of Kamloops fits the meeting of waters, and when you reverse engineer the remaining first stanza clues, I think the travelling fits best given the history of that tribe.

No proof yet, but I think 5 is definitely onto something with the aircraft museum in Champaign. That would be another soundalike clue, but the where bit suggests to me that the mention of Champagne should lead to a place (hopefully not the actual Champagne region of France since we’d need to country-hop to get there at the moment), and there just happens to be a museum there that fits the “wings” criteria.

By my reckoning that would leave “wheels” and “twinkle in the sky” to be paired in some order with “link in (Lincoln) the address” and “a mill I can reach.” I still think the phrasing of that last one is weird in a way that might suggest another sound-alike clue, but I can’t place what it would be. I also got a little carried away in my excitement about oronyms; there are lots of Lincoln-related things in D.C., but very few are museums, and none are part of a street address. The closest I can think that would work is Ford’s Theatre, but that would be more of a play on the auto maker’s name than a legitimate connection to "wheels,"and it seems more likely to me that “Lincoln” would be the town name, if not part of the street address.


Id almost say “mill i CAN REACH” would be a pretty literal clue. This place might be around a bunch of milling related stuff, but be the only publicly accessible museum or the only one closest to the person in question.


I know the oronym thing was first mentioned related to our “link in” clue, but I just had a thought while going over the places I want to try today…

Smack in the middle of the places I work, there are three bat houses. Decent tourist draw, particularly when they all fly out.

It isn’t a museum, or part of one, but it’s on Museum Rd. “A link in the address?”