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There’s a solar system walk here in Bellingham, WA I’ll check out later today.


I found a piece of memory! I thought it might be at the “planet walk” here in Bellingham, but no luck. However, there is a place called the SPARK Museum about the history of electricity. I think this is most likely the “Jolt in the sky.” Here it is:

And the coordinates as well:


Yes!! That’s amazing!!


Awesome find, @Mike! I think we’re working off the assumption that each of these are paired verses (one verse from the first stanza and another from the second). Can you think of any that yours might match?

We’re working on the assumption that the clue “That grow but aren’t alive” is part of my clue, but let us know your ideas on it!


Perhaps “On wires or things”?


Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking since it’s a museum on the history of electricity. That would make the most sense.


Hey gang, sorry I’ve been MIA. Been trying to sort some things out for a massive shift.
So I don’t have anything massively avgeeky near me BUT I do have a memorial to Charles Kingsford-Smith. An early aviation pioneer who, in 1928, made the first Transpacific flight between the US and AUS. I’ll go check that out when I’m back in Brisbane.


oh hey, good timing skylad. I just heard on “Let me Google That” that theres an area near you called The Pinnacles. Are you near them or are they maybe something that relates to one of the clues?


Which pinnacles??? Off the top of my head I know of the sandstone pillars in WA but that’s the other side of the country


Thats right around perth


Okay, maybe it’s just because I live here, but hear me out. On the way to Lincoln (link in) Nebraska, there’s the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Have never been there myself. It is near the Platte River, which dumps into the Missouri near Offut AFB.

I’m not sure how Sydney came into all of this, but there is also a Sydney, Nebraska on the other side of the state.

Other thoughts:
-Could grow but not alive be fire?

-I like the travel between north and south being the monarch butterfly

-gold bubbles, there’s a town in CO where there are sparkling springs, Manitou Springs, it’s mineral water. there’s actually 8 springs there, so it’s really a meeting of waters! They also have a super awesome open air arcade and even an antique penny arcade if anyone makes it out there. Super cool hippy town.


That actually sounds really promsing


It could work… :deirdreexcited:


According to Google Manitou Springs is a few hours from me so I could definitely take a day to travel down there and try the location


give it a go owo


So are we thinking there is another clue in Kamloops? There was one last set that nearly stumped me, but I can put my thinking cap on if we are thinking there is another one here with the “meeting of water” line?


meeting of water is confirmed to be kamloops, i think. Im pretty sure its tranquille creek if you want to explore it with me later this week.


Though, I think we still need one of the first stanza clues to connect to the “meeting of waters” clue.


Going to be a bit rambly, but bear with me, my brain took the long way to get somewhere that may or may not pan out.

The obvious thought was somewhere in the D.C., (though there are apparently a boatload of towns called Lincoln, seriously, it looks like there’s a dozen just in Wisconsin).

But I remembered that there was a section of St. Augustine called Lincolnville (though not near enough to anything I could recall being able to link to any of the clues in the first stanza). Of course, it hasn’t really been within my reach in years, but it made me think to look at my section of the map zoomed out enough to see those section-of-town names.

There are a couple sections with Lincoln in the name east of downtown, not too far from Depot Park, named for its railway history.

tl;dr: I think I’ll be visiting the park once I get a day off…


Are we still thinking it might be museums? There is a Museum and Heritage Park that belongs to the local indigenous people here in Kamloops (Tk’emlups to Secwepemc). As @Cj_Heighton had alluded to earlier, Tk’emlups is the Secwepemc word for “Meeting of the Rivers” or something along those lines.

Just trying to pair it up with a line in the first stanza though. There is a line about traveling between North and South right? Well the two rivers that meet in Kamloops are the North and South Thompson rivers. The Tk’emlups people probably would have travelled between both rivers as their traditional territory spans a large area between both them. Just a thought.

That is one thought about it, especially if we are looking for a museum. I feel like if Kamloops is a place given the meeting of waters, the traveling North and South could be the pair. I can dig into more options though