The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


The museum is about 45 minutes south of me, easy enough drive. It’s part of an Airforce Base.


Could “Gold bubbles flow” mean champagne and if so that could indicate the location is a stately home or some other place the rich are found


We drink a fair amount of Prosecco, and no notification came up when I was in my house already.


I’m sure we’ve discussed this before but, on wheels or wings has to be a plane, right?


If they end up being separated, wings leans that way (or an aviary/someplace with butterflies, etc).


So, while we’re talking about other potentially solid clue matches, I did some Google searching. @Cj_Heighton, if Kamloops is actually the “meeting of waters” in the clues…trains are on wheels?


I wasnt aware this was the exhibit for the summer. Ill check it out tomorrow. Also i totally misread you there sabes, thought you said a meeting of waters and a jolt in the air were paired. My bad.


@OracleSage, I think Champaign is good, but I think I’m the closest Mountie to Champaign, but even for me it’s a three or four hour drive.

@Viviane and @Saberlane, I think those are both excellent justifications for the Logan being the place I found the clue! That would mean both @Ravenwing and I were right about what we thought it would be, if each of these are paired (also, oronymous is such a good word, Viv :cagshearts:).


@OracleSage if it’s a plane then surly it’s got something to do with @Skylad?


Mountie-wise, that would make the most sense and I did find a place about 30 miles outside Sydney that they’ve been trying to turn into another airport that once had a radio telescope, but it still looked awfully far on the map.

In other news, I was having a think (particularly about how it seems the second half of the clues pertain to location names), and it was making me feel less certain about the Millhopper being an answer. I’ll try to do some digging into places that could work that have “mill” in the name (or their history, which was how I found the place outside Sydney).


That was my thought process. It could only possibly relate to our token nomad💕


The one issue is that @Skylad is in Brisbane, not Sydney. I don’t remember how close the two are, but I think they’re pretty far apart.


They’re not really, though I know he occasionally passes through. (distance was a big reason I did the strikethrough)


Sparkling wine jokes aside, the museum looks really promising!


Tried again, just in case. No notification.


I had a thought:

If the second half of the clues seems to do with the place name, “a jolt in the air” could refer to a place known for a lot of lightning.

I recall Orlando being pretty high on that list at one point…

Here’s a list I found (it says it’s dated for yesterday, but the data they’re citing is at least 2 years old)



80% of my ideas didnt work. I have one left but its out of town.


At the risk of Mountie-splaining where you live… What about these?
they go up and down stream…? :tinfoilhat:


Also, I was so stuck on the mill part, I forgot about someplace else I can try.

“Or twinkle in the sky” sounds like stars/planets, which leans toward a planetarium/observatory…

or the solar system walk that’s much closer than the heckin’ Millhopper. :bashfacepalm:


I could go take a look around Orlando. I’m in town and have little to do tomorrow afternoon