The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


A jolt in the air makes me think of the electricity room in The Franklin Institute, Augo may be on to something!


I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this set of clues, but I feel like the things I’m pulling from it are more vague when taken as individual lines…so to approach it a different way, the first stanza is definitely giving me transportation-y vibes. Wheels, wings, and wires all fit into that (wheels would describe a lot of things, wings like airplanes, wires like cable cars or trolleys). The “things that grow but aren’t alive” is a tougher sell, but could be transportation networks expanding out or connecting. “Travel between north and south” could describe a lot of transportation features - roads, train lines, trails, etc, and “twinkle in the sky” could be airplane related again.

So trying to think of transportation things that would be safe to check…plenty of highways go north/south but walking around near those would be A Bad Plan. Something that came to me was that the only train line through town is oriented essentially north/south until you get a good ways away, something that appears to be unique on this particular railway…so that might be worth a shot to look into. Otherwise, there’s a small airport near me but I don’t think I could get close to it.

That might be a long-shot or a highly over-thought interpretation, so I’ll keep brainstorming, but I thought I’d put it out there in case it jogs something with someone else too.


Everytime I think of airplanes as a clue, I can only think of Wright-Paterson Airforce Base and the US Air and Space Museum, the only things near me. Only one of those is accessible though, for reasons.


Do any of us live near a spacecraft launch platform?


I tried walking around outside the butterfly enclosure just now, as well as the garden they have out there. No dice.
I’ll have to see when I can get out to the Millhopper again…


I walked all around inside our aerospace engineering building, which has a replica of the Apollo capsule and other general space/plane bits…no luck though. I’m still holding out hope for the train station, but I don’t think I can work in a walk out that way until Saturday.


There’s a place called butterfly world that’s close to me