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With the last riddle, that’s true, but with how this riddle’s worded it… makes it sound (to me) like aspects of museums and the like as a whole. At least until someone else finds a memory someplace completely unrelated. :ascendershrug:

Especially if our friendly Atlas Obscura isn’t going to be as useful this time.


At the very least, thinking about museums might kick-start the brainstorming for people, so that’s something. I don’t know of any non-art museums offhand, but I’m pondering.


Update: two rivers meet literally five minutes from my busking spot. Gonna check it out today

Update: not here. Anyone else have two rivers that meet near them?


The fact that the journal was all related to monuments or works of art makes me think public institutions and monuments (i.e. Museums, monuments, sculptures, etc).

Would this be relevant to the Logan:

Peet’s mineral collection—storage is currently in the basement, but that might be a stretch.
We also got a lot of artifacts from the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

Could be confluence because of the sculpture by the music building??

Again, I don’t know if Herman knows I’m home yet. He’s stayed pretty content on my winter hat so he might still be on WI time. Near me though, I have the Surfing Museum (a converted lighthouse, very Thorn), Bigfoot Museum, the SC Mission, and the Long Marine Lab/Seymour Discovery Center, but none of those seem to match any of the clues. I’ll keep looking, but as I said, I don’t know if Herman knows he’s in CA right now…


Might be a little far fetched but I’m gonna try the port of Brisbane… it’s right where the river meets the sea and would have a lot of lights and mineral exports and stuff… probably waaayy off but always worth a shot :grin: might drag @Lancelot along with me :grin:


I thought about the mineral collection, bit I was pretty sure somewhere farther down it says that the collection has been disturbed to other places. However, that surest mean it couldn’t be “minerals low.” I doubt the confluence one because out went off in the building, and it was pretty specific where it went off.



Mounds maybe then? Or WAC. I have no idea how close the proximity thing for the locations is, but that was built with money from Andrew Carnegie and used to be the old science library. Maybe gold?

–bubbling gold, a fountain?–

William S. Godfrey conducted work on a tower of potential viking origin in RI. Maybe related to that?

JSOR search for (au:“William S. Godfrey”):
(Lots of stuff with vikings in NA, esp. the tower, but you’re the anthropologist and the one who found the clue so you might more likely to know how relevant this info is…)


I think those are a bit of a reach. While the Logan is trying to deaccession its collections, I think that the idea of the collections as something that “grows but aren’t alive” is still the best connection do far. However, I think we need others to find clues before we make any final guesses.


Oh yeah, definitely. But you know me, always going down rabbit holes. I was just trying to explore options. I do really like the “grows but aren’t alive” for museums too! The museum geek in my is so happy rn.


Just got to the museum; looks like it’s a bust.


Soooo…the poem has been stuck in my head all week. I’ve turned it over and over and I’m still not sure how to unravel it any further, so I’m gonna dump all of my thoughts here:

The last poem had six total clues, with one line from the first stanza paired to one line from the second to indicate a location. These stanzas aren’t obviously broken into sets of six that way, but assuming that this poem still follows the “six and six” pattern, by my reckoning that would give us:

Group A
things that grow but aren’t alive (glaciers? stalactites? museum collections?)
things that travel between north and south (migratory birds?)
things that twinkle in the sky (stars?)

Group B
A link in the address (a street address? a web address? a form of address to a person?)
somewhere gold bubbles flow (champagne? a bar?)
A mill I can reach (who’s I? also, weird thing to point out. Why would the clue point us to a mill we couldn’t reach? what’s the point of indicating this?)
Minerals low (I have a theory about this one below…)
A meeting of waters (is this literal? figurative? could be either)
A jolt in the air (I’ve got nothing for this one, tbh.)

However, I’m not sure about this breakdown BECAUSE, from a linguistic perspective, getting six and six clues breaks up a lot of phrases:
on wheels or wings
on wires or things that grow but aren’t alive,
that travel between north and south or twinkle in the sky

A link in the address where gold bubbles flow
a mill I can reach and minerals low

Not sure about those last two, but yeah. I dunno. Thoughts?


So, I just realized something. An animal that travels North and south would be a monarch butterfly. Maybe that would fit “things that travel between North and south”.


If that’s the case, I may have to walk around outside the museum next door on my lunch break tomorrow; they have a butterfly rainforest… :butterfly:


I could try to get down to the Butterfly Pavilion a few towns over.


Things that travel north and south? Me lol XD not for long though, this move is finally almost over and Secret Society will have my full and nearly undivided attention.

I’m probably way off base with this but what if “Things that aren’t alive but grow” is a reference to a cemetery?


I’m in the Pacific Northwest and just hiked up to the Coleman Glacier at Mt. Baker a few days ago. There’s no cell reception anywhere on the mountain so it’s probably a safe bet that the glaciers there aren’t what we’re looking for. Which is a shame because they’re stunning to see.


So I’ve had a hectic time recently, but I think I can be pulling my weight here a bit better now! So I’ll be giving this all a think, and hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something helpful.

On the other hand, almost certainly not related, but I happened to get a song called “North and South” by Hey Marseilles recommended to me on Spotify. It’s pretty catchy, even if it’s not a clue :joy::joy::joy:


This makes me think of electricity - maybe a science museum with a Faraday cage? Otherwise, I can’t think of any other permanent location where electricity would be zipping through the air.


I mean, power plants could work, but I think almost all towns and cities have or are near too one.


Didnt nicola tesla create an enormous pair of tesla coils when he was developing them that he used to zap flocks of butterflies? The things created literal bolts of lightning, maybe there are a few in a museum somewhere?