The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


You’re gonna go check it out? It’s not too far for you? If it is let me know! I’m also close to it and can assist.


Great job Remus! Any guesses on which of the clues the building may have been related to? That’ll help us narrow down the rest.


I wonder if it’s going of the atlas Obscura again?


Also, when I got back to my room (my meeting got cancelled), I noticed that my Herman pin was gone from the hat I’ve been keeping it on this summer. Even when everyone was posting about theirs moving about, mine had always kind of stayed dormant, I guess?

I found it, though. It was on the front flap of the messenger bag I’ve been using this summer. I didn’t notice that it had moved, and I don’t know when it did.


I don’t know what clue it could be, Rev. The building I was in is called the Godfrey Hall of Anthropology, though that’s also connected to the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Do you all have any ideas of what it could be? I’m sort of busy today, so I don’t have a lot of time to spend decoding what clue it could have been.


Also @Robert, per your suggestion, I’ve been looking into the shipping company that “AG” used to send the piece of freight. They were bought by a company whose assets were bought by another company when the second company went bankrupt. Surprise, a tangled magical mess! Will keep digging while you Mounties dig into this poem.


Ill see what i can do about checking the adam river and fraser river connection point.

EDIT: kay, the location itself is over 2 hours away from here, ill need to talk to someone about road tripping it out to lytton for the day this week or next week maybe.

EDIT EDIT: jk its at a park 5 minutes from where i busk, checking it out today.


That’s an excellent starting point, but we may need to expand our search this time. At least as far as this first clue, it seems to be something that might be overlooked by that site. :brandonthinking:


My location wasn’t on Atlas Obscura, so I would say that that probably isn’t the only source this time around.


I think I have at least part of it. That museum is near the Indian Burial mounds. "Wisconsin Indian mounds were usually built along bluff tops adjacent to rivers. The Beloit College group illustrates this pattern, as it is situated on high ground overlooking the confluence of the Rock River and Turtle Creek. " A confluence being the junction of two rivers. So, I think it’s quite possible it was “A meeting of waters.”


It’s possible, but I’m not sure if that’s it. The actual confluence of the Rock River and Turtle Creek is about a mile away from where I got the notification. Again, it’s possible, but then I would have expected to get the notification closer to that place (there’s a space called Nature At The Confluence which I think would have been a better fit for that clue).


WAIT, it could be referring to the museum and its collections, “that grow, but aren’t alive”! That sounds possible!


Oh, that makes a lot of sense!


Okay, I’ve just remembered that one of our museums here is based on our industrial heritage, aka mining. Unsure if it’s anything, but other than us having an air display next weekend (that I can’t go to anyway, though “wheels and wings”), there’s not too much in my home city. I do have a ruined castle I may as well rule out though that’s on the way to the museum.

I would also like to suggest observatories (“that twinkle in the sky”). “A jolt in the sky” to me is either something to do with lightning or electricity. Anyone think of anything like that near them?


Oh dear, if it’s museums related to the clues (or even just the first verse)…

I’d better start making a list, try to sort through all the ones in my area, see if one might fit. :deirdrexd:


There’s a small miner’s museum in my town I could check out and the school of mines os a few towns over (In Golden which maybe relates a link in the name where golden bubbles flow?)


I like the idea it could be a museum theme. A few random ideas to see if anyone is near.

For ‘link in the address’ there’s the

O. Winston Link museum on Western Virginia.

And for ‘a jolt in the air’ I’d love it if it’s the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, NY (I’ve always wanted to visit it, bit far for me to get to in any timely manner though.)


There’s a few museums near me that I’ll look into


I’m not saying they’re all museums, I’m just saying that mine could be the museum. I can’t remember: were all the clues similar? I didn’t think they were all churches, for example.


If it’s museums, south of me is the US Airforce and Space museum.