The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


As an Alberta resident, that is definitely not how our postal system operates, unfortunately.
Ash is correct, they alternate between letters and numbers.
Also regarding lighthouses we’re pretty landlocked ?

I appreciate you exploring all possibilities though. What about an American zip code? In New York or otherwise? I’m unsure how they work.


Us zip codes are 5 digits primarily. Unfortunately 10622 isnt used anywhere.


Could be an address.


I tried looking at Aberdeen (can get as far as AB10), but the closest I can find a lighthouse is in AB11 (and still can’t figure out the last few numbers).
Also tried looking into grid reference maps, but doesn’t look like AB is a letter pair used, and there’re either too many or two few numbers.


I did a little google earlier…if you search for it as a US zipcode, you get the place in Malaysia that Ash mentioned


Since a lighthouse if sea-oriented, could the “she” be referring to a ship? Possibly the one Woolie was talking about in his flashback?


UK postcodes are an area code (one or two letters) and a number (one or two digits), then a number and 2 letters. Couple of examples; CA12 7QO or B2 6ND (both made up, with CA for Cardiff and B for Birmingham). With only 2 letters, this cannot be a UK postcode.


Okay, I’m back and just as perplexed as you guys. I’m working on a longer post, but the gist is that I think I finally found the A.G. shipment. I mean, I think I know where it is. But now I’m waiting for someone there to confirm it’s there, and that I can have it. Update very soon.


@AG_Catherine I was wondering is the copy of Wuthering Heights your own or one you found in the office?


It’s mine! Picked it up from the Strand here in the city a few weeks ago.


The Strand is a very magiqal place, though…But I’d still lean towards it being given to you by our ghostie friend