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That’s also possible. I would be incredibly excited if that is what it was.


maybe its like… a phantom of the opera type thing?


Random thoughts for the heck of it.

There’s a story called “The Phantom Light-House” in the July 25, 1891 issue of the “Wide Awake (Mr Wideawake?) Library” The alternate name of the story is “The Mystery of the Storm Coast.” That’s a few coincidences in one place, but most likely they are just coincidences.

I’ve only skimmed the story and didn’t see a whole lot that applies to us, but there it is.

I agree with @Augustus_Octavian that this might lead to a presentation of story of some kind like the radio show.

Maybe phantom lighthouse is a website? i’ve tried a bunch of combinations., phantom.lighthouse, etc, etc. With no luck.

Maybe AB 10622 is a call number of something in some sort of audio/visual collection?


The radio show happened when no one was in the office. @Saberlane - do you still have surveillance equipment set up?


Hhhh. No hits. Sorry guys, dunno if i can be of help.


“She still wants there”… Sound like a ghost, could be related to our ghostly friend…


Perhaps Phantom isn’t a descriptor as much as it’s an owner. Maybe the Lighthouse is in a town or city named Phantom? Anyone know of a place near them called Phantom?


I tried a brief search online, and without digging too hard (or trying to presume it’s one of the at least two haunted lights in FL) I found one that kind of sounds promising?

The name reminded me of Hecate, and part of the area is called Devil’s Elbow.

(Oh, and it’s in Oregon, the article never mentioned where it was located)


It sounds a bit like this one.


That was also on the list I was looking at!


It’s surprisingly difficult to find a lighthouse that has a female phantom/ghost who is waiting for someone.


with all the insanity we’ve been through, you’d think itd be easy as anything, right?


Have any of the locations for previous hunts been outside of mainland USA? Would help narrow down the search area. Granted the eastern seaboard of the US is big.


There have been previous locations in the UK and Canada at least. We have Mounties all over and locations seem to be based on them.


So many lighthouses all over also.


They are way too short, but could the numbers on then ticket have anything to do with coordinates?

Or a date and time we should keep on the lookout for?


I spent a while going down a date/time foxhole. I couldn’t find a use for it that made sense.

My favorite personal wormhole was to create the concept of AB (After Book of Briars …although I guess that’s more ABoB) as the start of a new calendar cycle. So the number after AB would signify some amount of time past when the book opened. (Warning pointless but fun math times ahead.)

All times in Heman TimeZone

The Book of Briars opened at  Sunday October 1, 3:33 pm 2017 

AB 10622 days would be
Wednesday, October 31, 2046 at 3:33:00 am

AB 10622 Hours would be
Monday, December 17, 2018 at 5:33:00 pm

AB 10622 Minutes would be
Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 3:33:00 am

That hours result is kinda interesting that it’s coming in a couple months, but I highly doubt Wooly would give us a clue we’d just have to sit on for almost 3 months.

By the way for those who wish to join me in my new calendar. Today is AB 344 Days. Happy AB 344 everyone!


I am living for this new calendar idea.


Could the 10622 be a zip code or area code? I searched for 10622 area codes in Alberta and it gave a whole host of results. A google search for Alberta light house area code 10622 didn’t give me any helpful results though.


Canadian postal codes are an alternating combination of 3 letters and 3 numbers (in my experience).

I had been able to find the number as a postal code for somewhere in Malaysia, which is definitely not an AB.