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Wait, again? Should we know more about this story? :eyes:

I wouldn’t stress too much. Magiq can be unsettling at times, but Woolie doesn’t seem to be a malevolent spirit. Especially if this is tied in somehow with the remains of the Ackerly Green radio hour, it may be strange but it’s unlikely to be harmful, especially to an AG employee. This is all just my intuition on the situation, though.


So maybe I fell down the rabbit hole, but according to Wikipedia, āb is the Persian word for “water” which seems pretty fitting for a lighthouse…


I looked up the number, initially thinking it could be a date without dividing lines, but then looked at possible postal codes, and if there were any lighthouses around.

Comes up with a place in Malaysia, and not too far from the center of that code’s range is a place labeled “Memory Museum.”

Adding: there are actually a boon of different museums in that area, and a UNESCO heritage site. Though my search for lighthouses comes up with a “Lighthouse Cafe.” :deirdrexd:

More: There’s a Ghost Museum.


Do they order to canada xP id like to have some lovely poltergheist cupcakes


A benevolent old man who had died 50 years prior rescues a boy and his father from a collapsing iceflow in a heavy storm. Seems like i maybe stumbled onto something?


The AB 10622 is probably just the ticket issue number. The bit im interested in is who is she that’s waiting for us? Also there a lot of lighthouses around New York. @AG_Catherine is there anything on the reverse side?


Oh, you know, just grew up in a haunted house and got spooked a couple times with one of those things, nothing out of the usual middle school shenanigans though.

Thanks for the reassuring words though, Rev. I trust your intuition! Hasn’t steered you guys wrong yet :slight_smile:


Nope, nothing on the back side. Totally blank.



Wow. That’s an amazing discovery!


This seems very promising, and gave me a few different thoughts. Sorry if it gets ramble-y.

  • If it directly related to the Twilight Zone thing, perhaps it’s attached to memories of someone that really liked it?

  • That issue takes place at the Great Lakes, but there are other haunted lighthouses on small islands. I’m still looking into it, but it looks like at least one light of that description is in range of where Woolie used to sail. Could tie to his memories?

  • Maybe it’s related to the story of the old man that Woolie’s ship saved in his last memory?


So for the lighthouse I know theres one build near an insain asylum and next to the mouth of a river called Hell’s Gate in New York


This might not be what we’re looking for but it’s relevant and really cool


“Legend has it that in the 1900s a keeper murdered his wife by pushing her down the steps. Her spirit never left her home. It is said she harasses men only by shaking them, lifting their beds, or even locking them in a closet or out of rooms.”

Hey @Saberlane can you check out this place? :joy:


I’ve been there! Block island is beautiful.


If we’re looking at specifically New York - related locations I can also offer

Execution Rocks at Long Island Sound

The Coney Island lighthouse

Given that’s it’s a ticket I think Coney Island would be a better fit,although the death there is of a man, not a “She”.


Looking a bit more deeply into a “She” related lighthouse, I found the story of Katherine Walker.
She operated Robbin’s Reef Lighthouse (A New York City lighthouse) after her husband died.
Also, very recent news articles mention that the lighthouse is being turned into a museum!
(And it’s getting close to completion apparently)
Edit: I was wrong and renovations aren’t planned to be complete until the early 2020s.


Ye I was working on the assumption that it’s have to be close to the AG offices as you’d need the ticket to get in


I’m with Rimor on this. Or atleast the ticket is an important part of it, like it refers to a park or something similar.


We got a magiqal radio show after we found the first set of memories. Maybe this isn’t a physical location as much as another magiqal performance, like a play or film.