The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


Oh I managed to appear it again!!



…and now, with a bit more chill, a recap of all of them. :deirdreexcited:

Things that grow but aren’t alive - Minerals low - Remus, Logan Museum of Anthropology, “A Terrible Storm”

On wires - A jolt in the air - Mike, Spark Museum, “A Broken Heart”

On wheels - A meeting of waters - Chi, Kamloops Museum & Archives, “A Lost Ship”

Or wings - Where gold bubbles flow - Mr5yy, Aviation Museum, Champaign, “The Little Island”

That travel between north and south - A link in the address - Oracle, Bucks County Civil War Library & Museum, “Dark Shoals”

Or twinkle in the sky - A mill I can reach - Echo, Art Gallery at UCF, “Choppy Water”


hey @Saberlane, feel like talking to our ghostie friend today?


We did it! Great work everyone!


Great work guys! Okay, I’m out of the city until Monday but I’ll have @AG_Catherine (who is not at all looking forward to meeting Woolie) keep an eye out. So happy to have forward momentum. Let’s see where this next one goes.


Wow!! So excited for you guys!! But also now much more anxious about being all alone in the office…:flushed:


You can do it! Bring cookies also. Ghosts like cookies, atleast most of the time.


You can pull a @MissEvans and @Leigha, and stand/sit in a circle of salt while you’re there.


@AG_Catherine You get all the fun jobs :joy:


Awesome work, guys! I’m so proud of you all. :eaveshug:


also, it sounds like those fragments tell a story. A ship sailing on choppy waters late at night got lost and landed on an island, perhaps?


Hey guys, quick update–
First things first, still no sign of Woolie…I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved. It’s been generally pretty quiet in the office for the past few weeks, but I was still a little on edge this afternoon after you guys found the last piece of memory. The only thing that happened today that was even slightly out of the ordinary, (and I say slightly because we’re pretty sure our office neighbors are in the mafia and there are questionable noises coming from next door all the time) was a huge THUMP sound at one point coming from what felt like right behind me. I jumped about a mile out of my seat, but there definitely wasn’t anything or anyone else in the office with me, and aside from a little rattling of some stuff on the bookshelf, nothing in the office was affected or disrupted or out of place in anyway. I was more than a little shook, but I told myself I was just being paranoid and stuck it out for another hour or so, then left at my normal time and went straight from the office to meet up with some friends for a Yankees game.

I just got home and got settled to read a little before bed, but when I pulled my book out of my bag I found this stuck inside where I left off? I found my normal bookmark at the bottom of my bag, which isn’t super unusual for it to fall out, but I’m absolutely positive I’ve never seen this ticket thing (if that’s even what it is?) before in my life. I also know for sure that my book was with me in my bag all day, and the last time I opened it before now was on the subway ride to the office this morning. I don’t know what to make of it, and I still have like a million goosebumps all over my body, but I can’t shake the feeling that this was somehow meant for you guys?


She still waits out there

…that’s not creepy at all. :colewat:


Okay that’s more than a little spoopy :grimacing: And maybe it’s not a response direct from Woolie, but it seems linked on first glance? The clues we got were about choppy water and a lost ship and a broken heart…


I couldn’t agree more. Good lord is that creepy. :scream:

No idea where this phantom lighthouse is, and that’s probably a good thing. I’d be tempted to suggest bringing a Ouija board, but that seems like the setup for a horror movie. :joy:


Yeah the more I think about it the more freaked out I get…so much for my quiet, calming, pre-bed reading time :colewat:
So uh, you guys got this, right? There’s definitely a logical, non-horror movie answer for this? Because no way in hell am I touching a ouija board again either…


Dont worry, cath. We got this.


I’m all for team No-Ouija. I’ve seen (the trailers for) those movies…it never ends well…


Ouija boards are nightmare fuel, one time me and my cousin messed around with one in Marthas Vineyard, and eugh, I had nightmares for weeks.

That is so creepy, but also kinda cool? I guess the bright side of this is, maybe Woolie is the source? Is it less scary if you know the ghost?

EDIT: I googled The Phantom Lighthouse, and the only thing of interest I saw was the 1935 film, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant?


AB 10622. Alberta? Might be something incoming, @Sellalellen and ginger.