The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


That’s totally fine! Since we aren’t sure of the exact location, it’d be good to pick a day where you don’t mind strolling around campus a bit.

Have you been to the UCF campus a lot? Any ideas of some museum-like areas that might trigger the memory?


I go there for school but it’s only been one semester. There’s a few areas I can think off, like actual Milligan hall and the statue and then a few star themed areas around campus that could work if that doesn’t.


Ah, crap. Ill be camping on thursday, sucks but i probably wont be seeing the end to this ;-;


Okay, I went to millican Hall and the statue and also part of the housing community which is named after stars and also the library, but didn’t get anything from any of those. I had the app open? So I guess it’s not those spots. I’ll look tonight where else I should check out since I’ll be on campus again tomorrow, and then classes start Monday so maybe something will turn up when I’m there then…


I found an actual campus-affiliated map/index of places!

Things that seem museum-y: there’s an art gallery (museum-y, that’s it as far as I can tell), and an observatory.


I can go hunting for these possibly tomorrow.
today im a bit stuck to my desk chair


I read these as I’m headed to the city to see if I’ve got the “linked in” one :joy::joy: oh well I’m in it for the shenanigans now :joy:


The observatory seems like the best bet. But maybe stop at the art gallery just for kicks? Maybe it’ll be like the situation with Chi and they happen to have a temporary exhibit going on related to the clue.


hello i was not able to stop by yesterday because they needed me to stay later at work But i will be on campus monday and every weekday from now on because hashtag classes, so i will check out these places as i can on monday and etc, hopefully i can knock them all out real fast and fine the thing
also i just want to double check something: i have the app open on my phone but my phone closed? or have the app open and the phone open? for to get the notification.


I think word is that you don’t have to have the app open, but it sounds like we’ve been doing it anyway just in case to make sure the GPS is on. :ascendershrug:
In theory any notification should come through with or without the screen on.


I would say have your phone open, and have the GPS on. Just to be safe.


Have your phone open and the GPS on. For me, I wasn’t getting the notification unless the app was also open.


So consensus is do all the things, just in case. I think we were even reloading apps and stuff at one point too.


I had the app open, gps on, and got nothing from the Robinson Observatory.
@echomoon, try the art gallery


Do we have any theories on this? It’s been a few days, so might be good to think about what our next move will be.


Is there any way we can rule out Mounties so we have a clearer idea of where to look?


I think the gallery might be the best bet, since all other clues have been at places with collections, like museums?


That’s an excellent point! @echomoon would you be able to check it out?




Yes I found it there!!! It said I found ‘choppy waters’ but when I clicked on it nothing happened and I don’t have a screenshot or anything :confused: