The Secret Society - On The Atlantic


What exactly do I need to look for, I’ve been sort of mia with all the stuff here recently because of school and work


We’re not entirely sure of the location, but the hint is “A mill-I-can reach” and “Or twinkle in the sky.” Since the founder of the school is Charles Millican and he chose the slogan “reach for the stars” - it would probably be something related to either of those things. There is a statue near Millican hall that I think might be the answer.

Once you’re over there, you should have your phone with you, with the Ackerly Green app open. Also, it might help to have your GPS turned on as well. Then you should check and see if you get any notifications!


I didn’t even know the Aviation museum was there Rev! I’m going to trying to go either later today or tomorrow! That’s an awesome find!

Edit: Has to be tomorrow as it’s currently closed.


Just in case the statue doesn’t work and we’re going for the museum angle again (all the rest have been), there’s an art gallery on UCF’s campus (in the visual arts building), a GLBT History museum that is run out of the history department in Colbourn Hall, and the “bug closet,” which is one of the largest database collections of insect specimens in the world and has been called a museum in the one article I found via Google, and is located wherever the Biology department is.

There may be more than what I found, but I wanted to throw out some other possibilities. The campus is rather large and if the statue doesn’t do it, I’d want to hit as many points as might trigger the memory.


From what I read (if I’m remembering right from earlier), aerospace was one of the first big departments there, so older parts of campus are probably good bets (especially with those space-themed street names circling the main building, lots of things that could “twinkle in the sky”).


Shoot, yeah, I may have been going too hard for the Millican angle. :sweat_smile: What about the observatory? There’s also a solar energy museum somewhere nearby, but I don’t think it’s on campus.


I did some poking around on a map, and my personal best guesses for narrowing down options would be the Reflecting Pond side of the Millican building, or this area by the Engineering buildings:

I wasn’t able to see anything from the outside on the actual Engineering building, but if Millican doesn’t work, that’d be my next best guess.


I’m almost at the Aviation museum. I’ll update in a bit!

Edit: Okay, nothing yet.

Second Edit: I found one!


Yay, great job! :smile:


4 down, 2 to go! Great work guys!


It’s thanks to you I found it. I didn’t even know this museum was here until you posted about it.


So per, Wollie’s annotations, we’ve got two sets left:

that travel between North and South, a link-in the address


Or twinkle in the sky, A mill-I-can reach

I know we’re waiting on echo to check out the second one, but do we have any leads on the first?


Guys, I know its late, but OH MY GOSS I found one.

You guys know I am moving, and today was my last day in the town I grew up in with two of my closest friends. It was kinda last second but I had this gut feeling I needed to walk my town one more time. Like that feeling you get when you’re about to leave the house and you feel like you’re forgetting something important. So we decided that we would get dinner in downtown rather than spend the night in. We had a forecast of rain so I grabbed my denim jacket, where Herman permanently resides. We walked around the whole of town, had some great laughs, walked down the physical incarnations of memory lane…
As we passed The Bucks County Civil War Library my phone buzzed. “You found a piece of memory: Dark Shoals”


so. what do we thinks those two correspond to? we have one left.


I’d guess the “link-in” pair…Which leaves the “mill-i-can” pair?


Do any of you guys live near a mill that you can reach easily?


So we’re all on the same page:

  • Remus - Logan Museum of Anthropology - “And minerals low, that grow but aren’t alive” - “A Terrible Storm”
  • Mike - SPARK Museum - “On wires or things, a jolt in the air” - "A Broken Heart
  • Cj_Heighton - Museum and Heritage Park - "A meeting of waters, on wheels " - “A Lost Ship”
  • Mr5yy - Champaign Aviation Museum - “Where gold bubbles flow, or wings” - “The Little Island”
  • OracleSage - Bucks County Civil War Library - “A link-in the address, that travel between north and south” - “Dark Shoals”
  • ??? - “A mill-I-can reach, or twinkle in the sky”


The other day it was sounding like it may be something on UCF’s campus.

I know we tagged @echomoon, but @grimangel53, would that be somewhere within range for you too?


A wind turbine would almost fit the last clue perfectly, if not the mill part. There’s also the lights on top to warn airplanes and helicopters off during the night. Some people also call them windmills, but you never know.


I’ll be able to check out the campus on Thursday, is that an okay timeline?