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I mean, hey. Figurations done the trick in the past.


Still on the other side of the ocean! I’m back this upcoming weekend


Okay, took a trek to parliament square to try with Churchill, no dice. Walked around and stood with all the statues here, none of them spoke anything

Walked around the corner to see if I’d have any luck with Richard I. Nothing either, but got some shots of Brexit protest chalk. Not very helpful unfortunately


Ah, dag nabit. Nice pictures though @nailo!


Thank you for taking the trip, even though it didn’t pan out. Really cool to see your pictures of the area! :cjsmile:


It was fun! I’d been before but hadn’t really invested time looking around. It was interesting to see the juxtaposition of past and present, especially with the chalk around parliament


Okay so if it’s not a statue then a humbled sentry could be the Grenadier Guards who protect Buckingham Palace


I thought so too but I took a trip to the palace a few weeks ago, nothing showed up. Unless something is supposed to show up at a specific time? Like when the changing of the guards happens?


As far as I know it’s only the location not the time so back to the drawing board I guess


Looks like we need our thinking caps on again Mounties! I’ll ask my friend again when I get a chance as well, see if he can’t come up with something, but I’m still gonna put the out the old gates of London as an option, or horse guards parade, or maybe a war memorial. Ideas?

Edit: Useful?


Thoughts? The wall looks promising, will try to pass by tomorrow


Goat! GOAT! I like goats!


No success with the goat, I really wanted it to be the goat! :frowning:


Still glorious though :0.


Here’s another one but it’s probably not gonna be it. The problem we have it that there’s so many landmarks, bridges, statues, monuments, churches ect in London that could fit it’s gonna be almost impossible to find the location with the clue “A humbled sentry”. So unless Nailo wants to visit every site in London we’re gonna need a way to narrow our choices down.

When the common nail has been enhanced to aid a humbled sentry


I feel like the big words we’re not thinking of are “enhanced” and “humbled.” In what way could a sentry “enhance” a person? There’s got to be more to this.


What are the words we’re looking for again? I forgot them. :man_facepalming:



When the common nail has been enhanced to aid a humbled sentry

@Revenir I think you got your question mixed up. Shouldn’t it be, what could enhance a nail or how could a nail help a sentry or how/why was the sentry humbled? :brandonthinking:


No it’s more like, since the “nail” was nailo, I was perceiving it as enhancing a person, if that makes sense? Although enhancing a nail is also a valid interpretation.


I took that first part as the nail being enhanced with an extra letter to make nailo’s name.