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I’ve been thinking about this. Could the dragon be the River Thames? Lot’s of history along there


Rimor found the dragon, but it’s looking like you may be looking for a “humbled sentry”?


Okay, so my first (probably very random) thought was a war memorial. Don’t ask why, just first thing that came to mind.

On a more probable route, sentry is another word for a guard. As Nailo’s in/around London, we have Horse Gaurd’s parade, the Queen’s guard… Problem when dealing with London is it’s such a large place… Any chance of a smaller search area? Or anything that springs to mind when you hear the word “humble”?

Edit: Asked a friend from nearby what came to mind when he heard “humble sentry”, and he said there was something around The Serpentine, but he couldn’t quite remember what it was. He aslo came up with Buck house, cause the changing of the guard could also be retiring of the guard, retiring being a synonym for humble. Along the same line, retiring might be the Chelsea Pensioners, who are all ex-military, which would give us The Royal Hospital Chelsea. Just a few more ideas, anyway.


I’ll try to take a trip to the palace this weekend. It’ll be PACKED with tourists but it’s worth a shot! Not sure how “humble" that makes it :blush:


Just found this. Thoughts?

Edit: Also, another random thought (cause I’m really unsure Buck house is our location), what about the old gates of London? The gatehouses would have held sentry towers, and if there are any still standing (which I don’t know), sure they would have been “humbled” by age?


I’m at the palace. Having trouble logging in on the app so I’m not sure if I’m not getting anything because it’s the wrong place or because I’m not able to log in


I don’t think the logging in to the app itself is quite working yet, but as long as the locator icon is showing along the top bar (with the time, etc) it should be able to tell if you’re in the right place.


Okay, so it doesn’t look like Buckingham palace is our location unfortunately :frowning:


I did a search to see if there was a list of monuments that had been damaged (thinking it might be that sort of “humbled”).

What about the Richard I statue outside Parliament? Thing I found says it still has visible damage from the Blitz.


I’d check out the statue of Winston Churchill as he was a humble man who defended the country in its darkest hour


Unfortunately I’ll have to check when I’m back in town. Heading home for the holidays


Quick update…

I finally got a call back from my contact in China about the company A.G. used. They found the shipping stock. In a warehouse in Brazil!

I had to pay upfront for them to look any further into this, and there’s no guarantee that it’s still there, but if it is, they’re going to ship it back to NYC.


Yay! That’s great news!


That’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it’s contents!


poke :point_right:t2::bear:


where we at nallo :0


Is there any way we could work without a physical Mountie at these locations? Saber I’m sure this is a wild idea but any way of scrying or astrally getting this information, for those of us who can’t help out physically?


We’ve had faaaaaaar crazier ideas than that. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where we’d start, or even if there’s enough free magiq left to do it, but it definitely worth a shot. Great idea, @OracleSage!


If we’re working on reserves… Maybe we need to start telling some stories.
Make magiq to use magiq, ya know?


We could do stories of searching for something lost…Or travel in the area we expect the clue…Or I guess just use the clue as a prompt and wing it?