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Looks like @nailo is closest, but not sure about what the actual distance is between the two…

(Also, that is super cool :deirdreexcited: )


It’s definitely an interesting find, tho it’d be too far away for a Rimor clue.


Ahh. That’s what I was worried about.


We’re really set on it being Rimor. What if it isn’t? Are we ruling out things unnecessarily?


Bures Dragon is an hour and a half drive away but unfortunately I don’t have a car to go and check it out :frowning:


I’m pretty sure it’s me but I can’t for the life of me think of where it could be


It’s certainly possible it could be someone else. But Rimor being the Latin word for rummage really seems to point in that direction. That’s a really specific word, and the past clues have all had similar aspects to them.


My latin name means explorer and rummaging is the synonym. I don’t think anyone else can connect to rummaging through their name?


Sorry for butting in, and I know this might seem out of left field, but “where dragons flee” makes me think of how mapmakers used to put dragons (and other mythological creatures) on the edges of maps when they didn’t know what lay beyond (“Here be dragons.”) If a name is found where dragons flee, could that have something to do with mapping/exploring? Anything to do with maps, exploring, or seafaring @Rimor?


There’s James Cook who found Australia and we know that place is filled with horrors and possibly dragons :joy:

He was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy


Is there a monument or museum for him near you? That could be a real possibility.


There’s a replica of the Endeavour in Stockton, Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Stewarts Park and Captain Cook’s Monument on the top of a dirty great big hill.

The Endeavour is currently in Whitby and the Monument is about half an hour drive so I’ll try the museum first as it’s the easiest to get to.


Awesome! Let us know how it goes!


Great idea


Hey @Rimor, were you able to check out the museum?


I’m gonna try and get down to the museum on the weekend via car as the park is in an awkward public transport location and the trains keep having strikes. I might make it down on Friday if I’m really lucky


Any luck, @Rimor?


I’m making a trip down tomorrow afternoon!


I finally managed to get to Stewarts Park where Captain Cooks Museum is. As I got closer to the museum dark heavy storm clouds rolled in blocking out the last rays of the feeble winter light. I hurried to the museum checking my phone every now and then to see if I had a notification. But it wasn’t till I was on the museums door step that the notification finally came though however as soon as the notification came through the storm broke over head throwing down heavy sheets of rain. I made a mad dash back to the car and as soon I was inside the storm ended as suddenly as it had started. I finally got a look at the clue and It read as follows;

When the common nail has been enhanced to aid a humbled sentry


So…any reason anyone can think of that it wouldn’t refer to @nailo?