The Secret Society - Moving Office


The clue has to be about you, @Rimor. Anywhere else you can think of?


Caerphilly Castle is a way from me. But I’m with Augustus, the clue says “rumage” which indicates you. Although, you’ve had a clue before…


The only other dragon I know of near me is the pub the George and the Dragon and as Nimueh said I’ve had a clue already


George and the Dragon? Would the dragon be fleeing from St. George on any signage or anything? It’s worth checking.


I don’t think dragons flee to a pub but I’ll drop in tomorrow and see what happens :joy:


We’ve lost contact with several Secret Society members, which hopefully means they’re just busy with mundane life… so whatever’s happening, whoever’s doing this, might be forced to use the resources/members that are available, hence two clues to @Rimor?


Is there a pattern for this clue set? As that might help us narrow down locations


Well, it looks like we’re looking for a name. A name that could be found where “dragons flee”.
So where would dragons flee from, or to?




Well. I dragon would flee from a knight to it’s lair. So a castle to a cavern. @Rimor is there a castle with a cave nearby that could be near you?


I think there are a couple of caves in Durham County, but I’m not sure of their proximity. And isn’t Durham Castle there, as well? Also, if anyone can think of other locations dragons would flee to, or from…


There are no caves, castles or mountains anywhere near me and Durham is ways away from me about 1hr 20


Not sure if I’m in the right area but apparently someone fled to Gibson’s Cave.

Also, we’ve been thinking about dragons in a fantasy sense, but… Well, this may sound silly, but what about other meanings? Like a dude nicknamed “The Dragon” or a lizard with dragon-like qualities? I dunno, maybe that’s silly.


Gibsons Cave is 2hrs away :joy:


Also I don’t think it’s a person as dragons is used in the plural form. Also the dragons aren’t fleeing from someone as it says

And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.


Gah, I typed in Stockton-on-tees and it gave me Teeside, I think. :cagsko:

Apparently there is a place named Green Dragon Yard? It holds The Green Dragon Pub and also brings up a theatre (not sure the relevance of the theatre, aside from it being in the area).


I’m not sure I walked past The Green Dragon on my way home and nothing pinged. Also the previous clues have all been something obvious/well known not a dodgy steriotypical side street pub


You’re right :joy:


Do you have a football team called the dragons or even like St George??? Might be their home turf (pitch, club, sporting arena… I’m not very athletics inclined :joy:)


So, I was just google searching and I found this. Anything possible here?