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I like the Ravenwing logic, which would put us…in the same area as Remus as well?


In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers, whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman Kingdom by Romulus. The killing of Remus by his brother, and other tales from their story, have inspired artists throughout the ages.Wikipedia

also remus lupin


That is a great connection!


I’m in Connecticut rn until Dec.
I’ll see if Mystic has anything dragon related? Idk. If it was referencing me I would have expected something bird related or black but I’ll look into it!


I’ll head over there today!

Look at this beauty!! (from website I didn’t take this)
She’s moved down the seaport (made room for the Amistad who was having repair work done, but I’ll check her new location and the former one by the Morgan (she fled there first).)


That is one majestic boat. :dragon:


Alright I got distracted by history hw, and it’s past sunset so I’ll actually go tomorrow. I would chat with security (I have 24 hour access to the grounds as long as I tell them I’m there, Herman really came through on that one [thanks buddy]) and head over but it is cold and I really do have a bunch of reading to do. Should be able to go Sun. morning.


Alright: here’s a rundown of the events this morning.

Woke up and noticed Herman was comfortably on my hat that had somehow shown up on my desk. I don’t remember putting it there. I was encouraged.

Had breakfast, covered myself in sweaters and ran out. I entered the Seaport through my super secret employee access entrance that I have the run of due to my study abroad program. Gotta love staff privileges!

First I went to visit the current location of the Draken. Nothing.

I figured the clue was ‘where dragons flee’ so I went to the normal berth of the Draken
Visited the Amistad who had kicked out the Draken from her normal berth.

I wandered around there for a bit and noticed my phone wasn’t registering location which might have been confusing Herman. I fixed that problem. Still nothing.

Said hi to the Charles W. Morgan. Still gorgeous

Something told me to check on the Draken again because my location was being weird on my phone the first time. I rounded shipyard point and went back. Nothing.

Some possible explanations:

  1. This is not the right location.

  2. Herman is still a bit behind because I was in Louisiana this last week. Human beings are not mentally built to live at the speeds of modern transportation so Herman might be experiencing a bit of jet lag as well.

  3. The clue said to look for a name. The full name of the Draken is Draken
    Harald Hårfagre
    . Maybe something to do with the full name? Harald Hårfagre was the king who unified Norway but I’m coming up blank on ways this could apply.

I’m in Mystic, CT if anyone wants to look into any of this. I didn’t go into the shipyard itself but I have work there tomorrow and I’ll make sure to bring my phone. As for now, I’m going to finish my history hw and try to figure out my next course of action. I might go back later today or tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put Herman in an oyster shell next to a jar of nutmeg so he realizes he’s back in CT. :endriwink:


I know Harald Hårfagre, he invade England in 1066 seeking to claim the English throne but was defeated and killed by Harold Godwinson’s forces at the battle of Stamford bridge. His defeat and death is considered to be the end of the Viking age.


Oh gosh, didn’t think I’d be looking at 1066 stuff again, lol. Been quite a while since we had to learn about that, hehehe :smiley:


Fun fact! The battle of Hastings didn’t take place at Hastings, its stated in several historical documents that it took place at Battle. Also William I built an Abbey there to mark the place where Harold died. However the Battle of Battle doesn’t sound very cool so they named it after the nearest town Hastings.


Awesome exploring, @Ravenwing!

I spent some more time combing the Secret Society membership list, and Googling people’s screen names (in a very non-creepy way, mind you), and I found something that should have struck me right away!

@Rimor, any dragons nearby?


facepalms because how did I not check the Latin???


There’s the Tees Valley Dragons down by the river but this is actually the first time I’ve heard of them because I’ve never been down that end of the river before. I normally only walk past the Princess on the way into town. Looks like I’m going on a field trip!


Ooh, like dragon boats? That could be promising! I think someone also suggested a cave, since it says “where dragons flee”. And what about the last bit, “you come upon a name”? Actual location clue or just indicative of what we might find when we get there? None of the others have had something like that before, but maybe this is the end of a stanza?


Their website is down so I can get any direct information on them


In Eastern mythology many dragons lived withing rivers and lakes!


I’ve just realised that I have “Explorer” under my name :bashfacepalm:


There’s nothing here down at the river boat club. Sorry guys must be somewhere else


Wait wait wait, we’ve all been thinking about caves and rivers but what about Castles? @Nimueh is Caerphilly Castle near you? Because it’s also known as Dragon Castle where the British TV show Merlin was filmed. Also one of the top attractions there is the Dragons’ Lair.