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Good catch @Nimueh!


There’s also one in Luxembourg, if that one’s closer (based on one of the Calling of the Corners).


The wording is never-ending flame, not necessarily eternal which sparks a thought. (Pun unintended)

If anyone cares most cities or towns that have a WWI or WWII monument have some sort of ‘eternal/never-ending’ flame burning constantly to symbolize the passing of the torch (as from the line from ‘In Flanders Fields’) and to symbolize lots of other fun stuff about never forgetting the sacrifice people made, etc.

Could potentially be a place to check out if we’re certain this clue applies to a specific Mountie/Crytter? Especially if it’s outside of a military/history museum of some sort? If the eternal flame thing doesn’t work out.


I found this other eternal flame

Also there are a lot of war monuments around it and the Arlington House museum.


Stalking @Crytters profile… Looks like she hasn’t been on since Jan… is there a way that we can email her?


Oh, good idea!


Look. I… really shouldn’t be posting here. Or lurking here at all. But here I am, so…

When the lebewesen lights upon a never-ending flame

You guys were right to think of Germany. Not quite the right place though. The Brennender Berg, it’s a mountain that’s been burning since the 1600s. Also, not too terribly far from some… work I’ve been conducting in the area. It seemed to fit so I downloaded your app and…

I really shouldn’t have done that.

Well… What’s done is done. As expected, the message arrived quickly. And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.

Anyways, I’m afraid that’s all I can do for now. But good luck. And know there are still many eyes watching how this turns out. :endriwink:


I’m not sure what happened to Crytter (I hope they’re okay), but thank you, Etrus, for taking all those chances to help us out. :eaveshug:

So…anyone else jump to the fact that Wales has huge ties to dragons?


I mean… Of course! But sure about the running and fleeing part though… Might do some research into maybe some battles where the welsh forces fled? However, while there’s a link to dragons, don’t we normally get a clue as to the person’s username as well as a location?

Edit: @Viviane You haven’t had a clue yet either, right? Your avatar is a dragon. I also just had the biggest facepalm moment… “where dragons flee”, they fly, right? Into the sky… So, @Skylad?


So, would we be looking for a cave? That’s usually where a dragon would flee too.


That seems logical to me…

I tried searching for places near Nimueh that had “dragon” in the name (English and Welsh, because that map… :laurendizzy: ). Not much luck for me.

Then I tried searching for caves. Most seem a bit on the far side, but there were a couple that seemed like they could merit at least another set of eyes.

This one has a section called the Hall of the Mountain King (which reminded me of Smaug and his whole “I will show them who is the real king under the mountain” thing).

Then there’s the Three Bears Caves, the biggest of which was apparently used as a dragon’s cave in Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the version that’s about as old as I am).


I feel like the word “rummaging” is important, here? It’s the kind of word I’d use for searching an attic, for one thing, and not for a place dragons flee to. And apparently it comes from a sea term used to describe stowing cargo.
And what does “you come upon a name” mean? What sort of name? How is that helpful in finding the next step?


Lol, lookign for places in Wales is bad enough, let alone looking for “dragon” in Wales. That could be placename, statue, sculpture, gargoile, carving on a building…

Ogof Craig is a long way from me, so that’s out (well, long as I don’t have a car and public transport sucks).

Three Bears Caves is fairly close, could maybe get up there at some point.

I think Viv’s right though, the wording is always important. I did have a slgiht lightblub with the “rummaging” and connection of cargo. Cardiff is a port. Doing some digging in that area as something in the back of my mind is screaming at me that there’s a “name” connection somewhere.


I think this one is defiantly aimed more at Viv or Nim. I’ve been racking my brain and all I can think to do is replace rummaging with searching So it reads “Searching where dragons flee. There you’ll find a name” and that could mean a lookout somewhere along the river where we have dragon boat races oooooor one of the smaller airports where (@Ginger get excited) there may be a DH-84 Dragon parked there… Doing a bit of study, one crashed about 2hrs north of me… what is the furtherest anyone has ever had to go before?


My only other thought was that maybe the “finding a name” could have to do with graffiti?

There was a graffiti wall listed on this bunch of public art in Cardiff that didn’t seem too far from your dot on the map. I think the park it’s in was Thousandoaks or something like that? :ascendershrug:


This one Ash?

If so, I could maybe take a look this weekend, weather and time dependent.

Edit: (urg, yay, phone links!)


That wasn’t the one I saw (thanks wikipedia for being so comprehensive), but that could work too (and with it being closer to the bay itself, is probably more promising).

It’s a sign that I really need to double check things before I mention them, it was Seven oaks park that I’d seen had a graffiti wall, not Thousand.


Okay, the one I posted doesn’t exist yet (took a street walk on google just to orientate myself). I can see the Seven Oaks one. Little bit of a walk, so I’ll definately be waiting for a non rainy day.

I have to admit though, the more I look at this the more I’m wondering if we’re on the right track. The last three clues in this thread pointed to a specific person by practically giving us their username. Unless of course we’re starting a new, slightly different, string of clues.


I just perused the Secret Society group list, and no screen names struck me as particularly draconic. Remember though, two clues ago - we were all looking for a “witch” when the actual name-clue was “crooked river.”

And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.

Let’s look at all the clues together and see how they fit with the society members they reference:

When the sun god finds one sister who still holds aloft her fire” - Helios
" And the crooked river reaches where the star-eyed witch retires" - CameronP
" When the lebewesen lights upon a never-ending flame" - Crytter
" And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.

The other parts of this are harder to parse out. I don’t see anything out of hand that references rummaging or fleeing. It looks like the first “part” of the clue references a member, and the second “part” references the location. In that case, we would be looking for a… rummager? Any thoughts?


Maybe “rummaging”, as in a scavenger? If so, then maybe we’re lookign in the complete wrong place here and this clue might be for @Ravenwing . Ravens are oppertunistic scavengers. That would betetr fit the pattern