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If it was just the river clue, I’d say I was a candidate, what with the Missouri River being so close to home. But I’m neither starry-eyed nor necessarily a witch. Oracle and I are the resident metaphysically inclined folks, tho, if that counts for anything.


Woah, wait a sec. Apparently there is a crooked river in Missouri?. Lawson, where the river originates, is 30 minutes north of where I live. Apparently there was also a Battle of Crooked River that was fought there.


Could the “witch” appellation (an maybe even the stars) be a reference to this?



That’s much better than my bio lol


Here in today’s episode of “How You Know You’ve Been at the Basecamp for a Small Century”, we have a wild Rev not recognizing his own bio.

:joy: But seriously, good find! My avatar is an artist’s rendition of Apollo mourning Hyacinthus if that helps at all?

Edit: The one thing I’m not sure is where the “reaches where the witch retires” bit fits in. It does move southeast and join with the Missouri River, but it goes around Kansas City and not through it, as far as I can tell.


This is the closest I could find for me. It’s also famous for catching on fire!


What if we have it backwards, and “crooked river” refers to the person (instead of “starry-eyed witch”)? For the last clue, “Sun God” meant @Helios, so I feel like either “crooked river” or “starry-eyed witch” could be referring to a Mountie.


That’s a good point. We were just assuming the river was the place and the witch was the person.


@Nimueh or @Viviane , didn’t you two get your users from the Lady of the Lake? That’s the only direct connection of a mounties name and a body of water that I can think of off the top of my head.


I just went through the group roster and did some quick Google searching. “Cameron” means crooked river, and there is a @CameronP in the Secret Society!


Nice catch!
Hey @CameronP, know of any witches nearby?


After a bit of searching (not as easy as typing “statue” into the Mountie Map search bar this time), I think I found a pretty good option.

Seeing as she was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake…

This easy for you to check up on, @CameronP?

Edit: apparently there’s also a Lady of the Lake statue if Joan doesn’t work out.


Are there any other options/Mounties we can think of, while we wait? Might be good to brainstorm as many options as we can.


“Man with crooked nose” That’s me!! I’m catching up but I’ll find a way to go check this out.


Go get 'em, CameronP!

Looking at the big picture here a second, I’m starting to see a pattern. I’m reminded of Brandon Lachmann. Brandon figured out how to make magiq by creating intricate patterns of previously unrelated objects and ideas. Fill in the gaps with enough imagination and ideas, and things just start to work.

In this specific case we are the unrelated objects. Woolie is taking ideas, memories, and places around us and linking them together into one story. One spell, if you will. Why these places? No idea. Maybe they’re wells, or on ley lines, or places Woolie had a really good ham sandwich at once. Why us? Well because we tend to listen and do crazy things when ghosts, voices from the past, or cultists of questionable character suggest them. I like to think of us as helpful.

Two ideas come to mind when trying to do something like this. First, use all the resources at your disposal, especially if you’re doing something big. Second, don’t overtax any part of the system by reusing them too much. So to make a long story short (too late), I’d suggest we come up with a list of all members in the Secret Society, and cross the names off of anyone who has found one of Woolie’s memories.

If Woolie is being efficient in his story telling / magiq weaving, it might come in handy and help us quickly narrow down any remaining memories.


Just felt the need to highlight this. :hermanthumbs:


Okay, asterisks for those who have found memories so far. It does look like there are no repeats yet. (Aside from Saberlane and Catherine :cjtea: )

Augo *
Crytter* - via Etrus
Echomoon *


Ok gang, so incredibly sorry for the delay!

“Crooked River” reporting here. I did a bit of thinking on our latest clue:

And the crooked river reaches where the star-eyed witch retires

There’s sort of a famously whimsical house out here in the city of stars known as the Spadena House in Beverly Hills. This house is more commonly referred to by the locals as The Witch’s House of Beverly Hills!! One might say that the original tenant of this house, having lived in Hollywood, could be considered a “star-eyed witch!”

Armed with this theory I made my way to the retiree’s hovel. I’ve been here a few times before and always felt a certain zippiness or crackle in the air—I don’t want to say electricity because that would do this sensation a disservice. This time, however, was different. That familiar zip was there but accompanied by another, lower wump, for lack of a better descriptor. Something told me I was on the right track so I pulled out my AG app and sure enough another clue!

When the lebewesen lights upon a never-ending flame

Having read this, the wump was gone. It’s as if it were a secret just dying to be heard and, once released, could finally rest. It could also have just been the pounding in my chest finally subsiding after having finally discovered our next clue.

Anyway, what do we make of this clue?


lebewesen is German for creature


Creature, or @Crytter?

Edit: On that route, there are Eternal flames in Germany. One in Munich, one in Berlin.