The Secret Society - Moving Office


Oh! I know where that is! I can stop there tomorrow and see if anything pops up.


The clues used to come in batches, but now we’re only getting a single clue at the time. It feels like the flow of magiq has slowed to a trickle. I’m worried, Mounties.


Getting serious Lachmann vibes from this whole thing. There was nothing we could do back then, we didn’t even fully understand what was going on, but is there something we can do this time? I don’t want Woolie, or whatever other ghosts are interacting with Ackerly Green, to fade away. :eavessweat:


Let us know what you find, @OracleSage! If that doesn’t do it, I’m near the Potomac which could also be a “crooked river,” but the best justification I can come up with for “star-eyed witch” is a Pinterest cocktail recipe, which I would totally drink but don’t think is related to this endeavor. Also, the Potomac is rather large and I’m not sure I could narrow it down.


… Can you send me the link for the recipe?


Hmm…I mean…for the sake of science…you should maybe send me the recipe too :wink:


Okay so, apparently the graveyard is heavily guarded because poor Marie’s tomb has been vandalized by tourists an horrifying amount. However, I think cheap guided tours are available? This is a place I’ve been meaning to see anyway so… Worth a shot still?


Sorry Mountaineers. Try though I may, no notification.


For me either, Augo.
I circled the maze of tombstones a few times, trying to find a gate or entrance left ajar, since no tours were running when I got there. Nothing, and I have a sneaking that Herman would frown on me hopping a fence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And as I am a fierce believer in the flow of magiq I’m inclined to believe this clue isn’t relevant to me.


Okay, if that’s the case there are a cpiple of rivers with the actual name “Crooked River”. Anyone close to one?

Also trying to think if we have anyone else with a pin that might be refered to as “star-eyed”, or if that’s a clue for the location.


There’s one in Massachusetts, but it would be an hour or so away from me.


That seems pretty far. Does anyone have one near their home? If it’s where they ‘retire’ I assume it would be close.


Hm…we’ve got a river in town, but it’s not called “Crooked River” and it’s not particularly crooked-looking…so I guess I’ll keep an eye on the thread and try to check it out if we can’t come up with a better option?


What if “star eyed” refers to someone with the Stargazer badge? It was given out after the 3rd assessment.


That’s an excellent connection, but a solid chunk of us have that badge, right? Maybe it’s people who joined during Phase Three? :brandonthinking:


There are quite of a few of us, but which one of us would be considered a “witch”? Something doesn’t ring for me with this interpretation of the clue. It seems too broad.


Okay, so there’s two ways of looking at this clue. One is that “Crooked river” is telling us the person, and “star-eyed witch” refers to a place, the other is the opposite. So, let’s go about this logically. Who in @The_Secret_Society might we refer to as a witch or who lives near a particularly crooked river? Easiest thing to do first would be witches, I’m guessing?


I also think star eyed has to tie in, some way or another. As the last clue was related to Helios’s username I’m inclined to think the same about this one, rather than referring to a persons practice.


Yeah, I just meant in general, like Ash’s instant reaction was Vivien or I, and the suggestion with you made perfect sense. Who here would we associate “witch” with first, and then apply the description “star-eyed” to that list to narrow down. One piece of info at a time :slight_smile:


I mean, I feel kind of silly just thinking of it, but I do have pictures from the local solar walk on my profile, and there are a couple places along it that have some body of water running next to/under it…