The Secret Society - Moving Office


Happy to give it a shot.


that’s cool I see how it is :aethereyeroll:




BRB, dying because kawaii Herman is TOO MUCH. :heart_eyes:

Okay, anyway…so my first initial thought was, “Who is the WG who’s approving this?” My first thought was, of course, Warner Green, but…he died in the 70’s, right? And he left AGP about a decade before that, but this design looks a lot more modern than the 60’s-70’s we know. And clearly this version of AGP has a somewhat official art department, probably more than just Warner’s wife, Sylvia.

So…do we have another WG? Or…is there still another AGP out there in the multiverse with a functioning art department and a cute Disney mascot?


So that’s what I’m thinking too, hence “implications”:

The Book of Kings AGP (our and DG’s AGP) published Through The Night, The Wolf & The Wild, etc.
The company closed in the 60s.
Their (our) Warner Green died in the 70’s.

The Book of The Wild AGP published The Guide to Magiq, and The Little Red House. (And had an adorable Hermie mascot.)
The company perhaps continued beyond the 60s.
Their WG perhaps perhaps didn’t die in the 70s?

Like… there’s a whole AGP history we don’t know, and I don’t know why, but that just fully dawned on me with this sheet of paper.


Well, in fairness, it makes sense. It is difficult to wrap your mind around a world where perhaps each of us had a life different from the one we are leading today (or at least a generation before us did) that was just… erased.


If it’s somehow a clue that somebody needs to get themselves to the mouse, I’ll find out this weekend.

But seriously Hermie is so stinkin’ cute!


Well, severely edited at least. There’s still AN AGP, and not NO AGP.


Oh my goodness. Hermie! I love him. I love the idea of Herman branded everything. But…is Herman the key to this box somehow, or maybe that sticker is a reward for opening it? :brandonthinking:

(Also…we have reactions on the forums now?!)


well, herman is a mixture of two animals. a fish and a horse. so maybe we’re in teh right idea for combining the two animals.


also HERMIE!


Not to mention that the design is marked as a “goodbye” sticker. Who are these stickers intended for? It says “Thanks for exploring!” but thanks for exploring what? The bookstore? The actual publishing house? A theme park? Is AGP in the 2000’s Book of the Wild like a huge thing? Or maybe just the IKEA-esque theme park of bookstores? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.


I will be needing a large amount of those stickers. @Saberlane, how big of a guess would you say that the lock is more magimystical then physical?


Two things here: this might be a false lead but why did we get the iteration 7 only? Is this number meaningful or is it a false lead? And how did the previous ones looked like?

Secondly, I believe that some light might be shed on the possible timeline of the sheet with some deeper analysis but… do we have someone who specializes in graphic design? Styles of mascots changed through the ages?


Could it be that the Book of the Wild AGP primarily focuses on children as an audience? My kids love getting stickers like that at the pediatrician, the dentist, Trader Joe’s and Target on their way out, and with the Little Red House being a children’s book… :brandonthinking:


Absolutely a possibility. The “Thanks for Exploring” makes me curious about what there was to explore. Also, Wideawake mentioned that the alteration happened in the early 2000s, so while that doesn’t give us a definite timeframe, we do know it would have had to occur/exist before then. Yeah?

This sheet of paper I’m holding might have been on the desk of an alter-Warner Green. Just…


Since the alteration rippled back and forth in time, I guess it doesn’t really matter WHEN it happened, since it changed the past and future, too.


I always imagined that the ripple moved forward and backward (like Wideawake mentioned) in our time, but The Book of The Wild ended at the center of that ripple, and The Book of Kings began.


If I remember correctly, 7 is a special number, just like 3. Two 7s with one flipped makes the image of a butterfly.


But what if it didn’t end, and is running in parallel to our time?