The Secret Society - Moving Office


Catching up after reading that whole thread and I’m just writing whatever comes to mind.
Does the box rattle if you shake it? My immediate reaction would be to shake mysterious packages.
The rabbit knobs unnerve me a little. I’m not a fan of the last rabbit we met.
I got the chills when you turned it to reveal more identical sides. That’s just plain wierd.
This feels like one of the 90’s Mounties’ fragments. They had alot more physical objects to unravel than we did.


And suddenly now my brain remembers helping Knatz and Saberlane with the box! :bashfacepalm:


Doesn’t seem like the same type of box, but that’s what I was thinking too.


@Saberlane the good news is you’ve dealt with wierd magiq boxes before.
The bad news… well I feel wierd about making jokes now. Memory loss isn’t funny.


Yeah, it isn’t the same type of box at all, but it has a funny parallel to @Saberlane’s past, for sure.


@Timidity is looking at the thread over my shouder. She suggests knocking and seeing if the box knocks back.


So, to answer your questions:

  • The box wouldn’t knock back (though I have never been able to summon a knocking door, so :man_shrugging:)
  • The different variations in color on the sides of the box looks more pronounced on the video. After turning it a few times, I couldn’t find the “right” side of the box again. Might have to do with lighting/time of day.
  • Also, sometimes certain doors/drawers rattle a little more, sometimes they will feel more solidly “locked.” Definitely magiq at play.
  • @AG_Catherine and I left before we saw your note to look at the bottom. We’ll check tomorrow. The thing is DENSE.


Yea, definitely conduct this lifting operation with assistance.


Maybe try turning the hardware, see if any of it moves?


mk, so. we have 2 rabbit knobs, 3 circle knobs, and 2 fox knobs. All four sides of the box are identical. the top and bottom are unmarked, cj? can you confirm that for me?

As far as doors not functioning seemingly, i think three might be fakes and the fourth is the real one. False doors to provide the illusion of impossibility. Somethings gonna make those open. Try the corners of the main doors, the hinges, try pulling at wooden slats between the doors, anything that might NOT have to do with the box itself. We’re dealing with a puzzle box, folks. time to pull out your copies of The Room again.


Good to know saberlane. I figured weve tried poetry with magiq before, why not with this.

I suggested this in my initial post too. Try moving the knobs, and seeing if the turn or something. Maybe its a locking mechanism


All my training in “the room” has lead me to this moment


The room squad assembles


@Deyavi, so I should’ve waited for @AG_Catherine to get here and help me flip the box over, but I couldn’t.

First off, I want to say that:

  • The knobs turn, but nothing discernible happens when I turn them.
  • The exterior is solid, meaning no parts shift, slide, or come off.
  • I don’t think there are fake sides. For example, all four drawers seem to be drawers slotted into the box. They move around like a drawer would. I honestly don’t know how it would all fit together the way it obviously does, unless there’s some kind of wormhole inside it.
  • Oh god, is there a wormhole in the office now?

Anyway, so I flipped the box over, and while there was some tumbling/rattling inside, nothing unlocked or opened.

But… there was a sheet of paper folded up and (possibly) purposely tucked between the wood molding.

I’ve been staring at it for about ten minutes because it’s… well, I think it’s from The Book of The Wild. It’s just so weird to be holding something from some other… reality? Also, it has some implications that I can’t quite get my head around.

EDIT HA! I forgot to post the image.


Well, there is nothing for it. I’m sure you were cautious.

I’m assuming that it is likely you won’t be able to photocopy that paper, or at least that the image may not be stable for long. Or take a picture of it.


Sorry, I didn’t post the pic initially. All that build up and then… anyway, bye!


Ha! Well, it is fine because that Herman (Hermie?!?!) Is the cutest, best little Herman I’ve ever seen.


Yeah, I’m pretty much dying over Hermie. Was he like AGP’s Mickey Mouse in BoTW?
I always thought of alter-AGP as being this big, monolithic institution full of mystery and mysterious goings-on. And then there’s Hermie. :cjheart:

I guess it could be both. Makes me do all the wondering.


It is kind of inspiring. I mean, there is a confidence in that lil Herman.


I come into 72 new messages. Stuff went down, I see.

Well there’s two animals, a fox and rabbit. We’ve seen a few puzzles where 2 animals are combined into one.

The magiqmystic word that was the password kinda looked like one of those old names.

Maybe we have to create our own word for this?

Fox: Vulpes vulpes
Rabbit: Oryctolagus cuniculus

What would that new word/creature be? Vulpolagus? Oryctolpes?

Edit: Actually they might use the name Leporidae for rabbit. So… Leporlpes? Vulporidae?